Found my making mojo

Hey everyone! Apologies for yet another hiatus from me! I’ve been concentrating so much on Nine Dots Creative, I’ve got to admit I’ve kinda neglected Linziloop. At the end of 2016 however, I did get back to making, in the way of beanbags! I made one for little loop for her  3rd birthday (I know, where did the time go?!) and I enjoyed getting back to the sewing machine so much that I decided to make a couple more to sell. I’m taking custom orders too, I’ll see how it goes!

I’m also itching to get back into making some clothes for myself. I’ve got so many ideas at the moment, it would be a shame to not make any of them. The fabric stash is alive and well so I’m sure there’s something suitable amongst it all for me to make something to wear.

Anyway, I just though I’d show you some pics of my beanbags and tell you they’re available on Etsy if you would like one. They’re great for kids up to about 11/12 years of age, reversible, washable cover, and can be custom made in any theme you (or your kids!) like.

I really want to pick the Linziloop reigns back up though… I do enjoy the escape from the computer screen when I’m making, and I’ve got a whole studio to myself at the moment (anybody wanna join me!?) so I’ve certainly got the space!

I’d love to hear in the comments what you’ve been up to so far in 2017, and what your plans are for the year! Any new projects you’re starting?!

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with an update on more making 😀


Handmade for babies

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my favourite handmade finds with you, and with the new addition to the family I thought it only fitting that I should share some of my favourite handmade items for babies.

Organic long sleeve baby top

As we’re not massive lovers of pink (some shades are ok but some shades are just too girly girl) we’re always on the lookout for gender neutral clothing, and I just absolutely love this! I’d wear this myself. I always said kids get the best clothes!

Dino onesie

This is already down as something I am getting Baby Loop for Christmas this year – she will have not long turned 1, hopefully be walking, and look super cute and be snuggly warm for winter in this!

Blue beetle baby grow

I love organic fabrics and I’m sure this bodysuit would feel divine on a babies delicate skin. The beetle illustration is also very cool if you ask me. A bit too cold for baby loop to wear at the moment, but certainly a summer buy!

Nursing teething necklace

At the moment when I’m feeding Baby Loop her hands are grabbing onto anything and everything, shes really exploring! This might help her not grab my skin so much haha!

Ninja harem pants

I think I had these in my Etsy faves before I even got pregnant. I totally love them, I’m a fan of this style of trouser on myself, have a bit of a thing for prints with stags on, and find the colour really aesthetically pleasing to look at. They’ll look so cute on a little wobbling toddler!

Fox coat

Finally! Someone who makes adults versions of their adorable and fun kids clothing! Now I CAN have something fun too! Yay!

Rainbow sorting buckets

We want to avoid buying any plastic toys for Baby Loop, they’re so bad for the environment and break so easily, so we’re keeping an eye out for beautiful, educational but versatile toys like these buckets.

Found something cool or sell something yourself for babies on the handmade marketplace that you’d like to share?! Please do so in the comments!

Just checkin’ in! And some Boom Festival inspired finds…

Hi folks, sorry it’s been such a long time since my last blog post, I should probably explain myself! I’m still here, it’s just that with most of my stuff in the pop up shop in Liverpool I haven’t been doing much online activity, so my thoughts haven’t been around blogging. I have also been busy doing some freelance design work, which has meant I haven’t had much time at all for crafting. At the moment I am preparing to go to Boom Festival in Portugal for a week (how exciting!) but I thought I’d take a break from it, for just a moment, and share with you some of the finds I have come across whilst doing a little holiday shopping. Not necessarily things I’ve bought, as the old bank funds haven’t quite allowed me to be so indulgent, but rather the things that would be on my Boom wishlist hehe! Enjoy!

handmade bustle skirt in brown

This bustle skirt would make the most awesome addition to a Boom Festival wardrobe, nice and skimpy for the heat, looks ace with a pair of leggings, and can be dressed up with a belt as pictured.

Handmade festival pockets

Trust me when I say these kind of pockets are very handy when at a festival! they keep your hands free for dancing and carrying that all important bottle of water, and they come in such great designs they can really make your outfit.

 Isis Swimsuit

This is what I love about handmade – you simply will not find a swimsuit like this on the highstreet or in any online catalogue. It’s almost an outfit in itself (if you have the figure!) so would be ideal for travelling light when making your way over to an international festival and trying to keep that luggage to a minimum.

handmade macrame necklace

When travelling light, accessories are a really good way of making you feel more ‘dressed’. I absolutely adore macrame jewellery, I actually have an order on for a necklace from my friend who is already over in Portugal for when I arrive at the festival, but this seller on Etsy also makes beautiful pieces.


handmade harem pants

I can’t live without my baggy trousers (cue song and silly dancing), they are so comfortable and light and floaty they make the perfect festival-wear and if I had to stay in one outfit for the entire festival due to lost baggage or anything like that, it would be a pair of these I would want to be stuck in.

Well then, I suppose as I leave on Sunday I had best go get some packing done! Are any of my lovely readers going to Boom Festival or any others this year?! What couldn’t you be without at the festival?

Love and hugs

Linzi xxx


Handmade for Men

It’s no secret that the handmade community is a bit of a female dominated world, both in buying and selling terms. I’ve always struggled to make things that would be suitable for guys with my current craft skills (mainly crochet and sewing), and I find that when looking for a handmade gift, it’s more more difficult to find things for the guys in my life than the ladies. So, I’ve put a little effort into finding some great gifts for males which I have listed below, but what I am also doing now is putting some REAL effort into trying to think of things that I can make myself, cos I don’t wanna be leaving the guys out now do I?!

Coyote Brown and Orange Paracord Bracelet with Coyote Tan Thin Spine

Coyote Brown and Orange Paracord Bracelet with Coyote Tan Thin Spine

 6 oz Stainless Steel - The Beard Love Flask (TM) - on Green

6 oz Stainless Steel – The Beard Love Flask (TM) – on Green

Men Cowl Scarf Neckwarmer - recycled vintage German airmail bag - Deutsche Post

Men Cowl Scarf Neckwarmer – recycled vintage German airmail bag – Deutsche Post

Men's hemp pants

Men’s hemp pants

serotonin molecule necklace, styled for men

Serotonin molecule necklace, styled for men

Coincidentally, it’s my partners birthday very soon, but don’t worry, I haven’t spoilt the surprise! So, what sort of things do you think I could make for guys with my crochet and sewing skills folks?! Crochet items for summer is hard enough, but for blokes?! My my! That’s quite the noggin scratcher!

Please share your handmade finds for men in the comments, I’d love to see what’s on offer out there, you know, with a special birthday coming up and all xxx

Fantastic Mr Fabric

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a splurge on fabric. It’s all arrived now so I thought I would take some pictures of my current stash to show you, perhaps you have some ideas for what each fabric would best suit being made into?! I have some thoughts, but I have to admit, I’m not entirely sure of a project for each fabric yet, so open to suggestions!

Bird Cage Fabric

I think this one might be my favourite, it's so bright and unusual!

Bright floral fabric

Another new fabric with such a brilliantly bright pattern featuring great detail and contrast

Circus fabric

This one, I think, might be best suited to something for little girls, or perhaps just the little girl in all ladies!

Bright floral detail fabric

I can see this one making a really great small purse, what do you think?

Green blue butterfly fabric

This one is perfect for Spring with all the lovely butterflies

Stripey green fabric

I think this one is the perfect compliment to the butterfly fabric above. Need to pair the two up somehow.

Silky pink fabric

This one feels amazing, it's got a really silky feel to it, quite luxurious!

Green Floral Fabric

This has quite a small pattern so I'm not entirely sure what it is best suited to (other than a bag, which I have already done with this fabric)

Vintage green orange fabric

I only have a very small piece of this left, I have made a skirt from it already, perhaps I should make a small clutch bag?

Orange vintage fabric

This is another vintage fabric, and another one I'm quite stuck with what to do with!

I’m looking for ideas that aren’t too complicated sewing projects – not because I’m looking for an easy project, but because a lot of this fabric was quite expensive, so I’m thinking the smaller the project, the more acceptable the sale price of the final item may be. I’m struggling to think of ideas that are good for summer too! Brain block! All I can think is bags, purses, cushions and skirts, but I’m reluctant to do those as they seem the obvious choice. Not making life easy for myself am I?!

What do you think of my new fabrics?! I love them all, can’t wait to get started on something, it’s just a matter of what?! I’m sure it’s a bad idea to just start buying fabric with no idea of what you’re going to make with it…oh well! Sometimes you just can’t help yourself can you?

Pop-up Shop!

Pop-up Shop you say?! What’s that then?! Well, for those of you not familiar with the term, let me be the one to introduce you to a wonderful world of discovery! A Pop-up Shop is a temporary shop in a retail unit. Quite often (so I have seen in Liverpool anyway) these shops sell handmade, unique, and arty items. The kind of things you don’t usually find on the highstreet, one of a kind finds, things made by local people and often with local materials. It’s not always the case – you do also get some tacky Christmas themed pop up shops, or corporate businesses occupying a retail unit for a short time to introduce a particular product or brand, but the ones that I find most interesting and feel really being something to the community and town centres are the ones which showcase items from local artists and crafters who perhaps wouldn’t be able to have their own entire shop. It makes for eclectic collections, interesting shopping, and breathes a little life into town centres which sadly so often are almost clones of one another. It also makes use of empty spaces which are becoming an ever more present occurrence in the highstreet, and that can’t be a bad thing, nobody likes to see empty spaces being put to no good use at all.

Print Shop and Social was a Pop-up Shop in Liverpool on Bold Street in 2011, opened by local designer Gary McGarvey.

Pop-up Shops can last anywhere between one day and a few months or more really, I guess it can depend on the original plan of the shop, how well it does, how many people are involved, or how much stock there is to sell. They’re great little ventures, and if you spot one in your local town or city centre then I would urge you to go take a look, you might find something really unique, or simply be inspired by the creativity of the people involved.

Lately I have been presented with the opportunity of having my Linziloop Handmade accessories in a Pop-up Shop in Liverpool and I’m really excited about it. The Pop-up Shop has been acquired by the lovely people of Made-Here, a website where I currently sell my handmade items. It will be in the Liverpool One complex which sees an average weekly footfall of 550,000, which I’m sure you will agree is quite impressive! I had been wondering for a little while about how to get my items in front of a different audience to that of craft fairs and this may well be the perfect thing to try out next. It has so many benefits too – customers will be able to pay by card (which I can’t offer at craft fairs), people will be able to physically touch and try on items (which obviously they can’t do online), and it is in an area where pretty much people come solely to shop!

Made-Here Pop-up Shop interior design

This is an image of how the shop might look inside, doesn't it look lovely?!

I’ve made some new items especially for putting in the shop, so I’m very interested to see how they will sell. I’m also really excited to see how the shop will look (I had a little sneak peak as it was being built last week!), and to see what other wonderful items my fellow crafters have been making. The shop will open on Saturday March 10th, so if you’re anywhere local to Liverpool then please do come along one day and show your support. I’m not entirely sure of the total time it will be there, so get down before it’s gone! You can join the event page on Facebook or follow Made-Here on Twitter to keep up to date with how it’s all going.

Liverpool One Pop up Shop

The shop can be found at: 4 Keys Court (the cut through by Top Shop), Liverpool One. Come along!

Folksy Friday – Forest Folk

Hi there! Welcome to another of my quite sporadic Folksy Friday posts – as much as I would love to do them every week, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a week. This week though I found some really really ace items, all of which I would love to own, so I have made time to share them with you, hopefully you love them too, do let me know which are your faves! And remember, they’re all for sale over on Folksy so if you do fall in love with one of the items, why not treat yourself to a lovely handmade gift?!

Squirrel Brooch

Woodland squirrel brooch by Kate Broughton

Handmade Card

I'll pillage your village - handmade card by Hide n Seek

Handmade clutch bag

Night Owls Clutch Bag by Beggars Bowl

Handmade cushion

Little Red Riding Hood, Fairy Tale Small Cushion in Black by the Whistling Cowgirl

Handmade wedding invitation

Luxury Vintage Style Handmade Woodgrain Fall Wedding Invitation with Envelope by Craftypagan Designs

That’s it from me this week, wishing you all a very lovely weekend, perhaps you’ll get to visit a forest?! Do come tell me what you’re up to in the comments, and until next time, take care!

The great handmade giveaway

I’ve recently decided to have my first ever giveaway which is really easy to enter – just come “like” my facebook page, leave a comment on my wall (anything you like!) and be entered into the draw to win this crochet wrist cuff:

Linziloop handmade crochet wrist cuff giveaway

You can find me on facebook by clicking here. The giveaway will end July 22nd, when I will also announce the lucky winner!

I’m hoping this helps new people discover my shop, and it also means someone gets a lovely new handmade accessory, which can’t be a bad thing hey?! Please do feel free to recommend my page to some of your lovely friends whilst you’re there 😀

Do let me know in the comments if you have a giveaway happening at the moment or coming up soon, let’s spread the word and truely make this a great handmade giveaway!

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