Just checkin’ in! And some Boom Festival inspired finds…

Hi folks, sorry it’s been such a long time since my last blog post, I should probably explain myself! I’m still here, it’s just that with most of my stuff in the pop up shop in Liverpool I haven’t been doing much online activity, so my thoughts haven’t been around blogging. I have also been busy doing some freelance design work, which has meant I haven’t had much time at all for crafting. At the moment I am preparing to go to Boom Festival in Portugal for a week (how exciting!) but I thought I’d take a break from it, for just a moment, and share with you some of the finds I have come across whilst doing a little holiday shopping. Not necessarily things I’ve bought, as the old bank funds haven’t quite allowed me to be so indulgent, but rather the things that would be on my Boom wishlist hehe! Enjoy!

handmade bustle skirt in brown

This bustle skirt would make the most awesome addition to a Boom Festival wardrobe, nice and skimpy for the heat, looks ace with a pair of leggings, and can be dressed up with a belt as pictured.

Handmade festival pockets

Trust me when I say these kind of pockets are very handy when at a festival! they keep your hands free for dancing and carrying that all important bottle of water, and they come in such great designs they can really make your outfit.

 Isis Swimsuit

This is what I love about handmade – you simply will not find a swimsuit like this on the highstreet or in any online catalogue. It’s almost an outfit in itself (if you have the figure!) so would be ideal for travelling light when making your way over to an international festival and trying to keep that luggage to a minimum.

handmade macrame necklace

When travelling light, accessories are a really good way of making you feel more ‘dressed’. I absolutely adore macrame jewellery, I actually have an order on for a necklace from my friend who is already over in Portugal for when I arrive at the festival, but this seller on Etsy also makes beautiful pieces.


handmade harem pants

I can’t live without my baggy trousers (cue song and silly dancing), they are so comfortable and light and floaty they make the perfect festival-wear and if I had to stay in one outfit for the entire festival due to lost baggage or anything like that, it would be a pair of these I would want to be stuck in.

Well then, I suppose as I leave on Sunday I had best go get some packing done! Are any of my lovely readers going to Boom Festival or any others this year?! What couldn’t you be without at the festival?

Love and hugs

Linzi xxx


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  1. Dear Linziloop, you certainly hit the spot again for me….I’ll never stopp being a ‘Closet Hippie ‘! Love the accessories you have chosen ! x


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