Swimsuits for summer!

I’m ever optimistic that the British summer will show it’s face. As I sit here writing, I can actually see blue sky. That’s probably the first time in weeks when I come to think of it. Yet here I am sat writing a blog. Opportunity missed? Maybe not, it’s been a productive day. I’ve finished something I’ve been dipping in and out of for ages. I cooked butternut squash and pepper risotto. Today is good.

So what is this thing I’ve finished? The swimsuit block patterns of course! Tada!Ladies-Size-6-26-Swimwear-Blocks

I’ve been slowly populating my Etsy shop with block patterns this year. Eventually I will move onto full sewing patterns. It’s something new I’m trying, combining my pattern making skills with my graphic design skills. The patterns are instantly downloadable and can be printed at home. This set of swimsuit blocks goes from a skinny minnie size 6 right up to a plus size beauty 24. I’m thinking I might get myself over to Spoonflower, order some of their sport lycra in an kickass design (like the one below!) and make myself a leotard!



Yep, I can totally see me rocking this. 

I’ll be back soon with an update on how 2016 has been for me (spoiler alert: it’s been shit). For now I shall love you and leave you. Do tell me if there’s a particular set of block patterns you would like to see in the shop, I’ll be happy to oblige.



One for the ladies

My first set of block (sloper) patterns for ladies is now available. You can now purchase a tailored skirt block in a full range of sizes (6 to 26) in my Etsy shop, just click here.

Ladies Size 6-26 Tailored Skirt Blocks

With this skirt block you can make your own patterns for a wide variety of skirts from pencil to pleated perfection. A size chart is provided so you can pick the size perfect for you, but if this doesn’t quite suit your needs, I can also create custom skirt blocks. I just need a set of measurements from you and it can be ready in a day!

I’m super excited to see what you creative types might make by starting off with this block. Post your creations in the comments!

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