New Spoonflower Competitions!

I’ve been super excited to find out what the first of the new Spoonflower competitions would be, and yesterday my wait was over. The first of the new competitions has launched with a ‘Japanese Garden’ theme, and designers have until 19th April to submit their designs. After that, voting will open on the 21st, close on the 27th, and the winners announced on April 28th.


The change to a monthly rather that a weekly competition brings with it bigger potential rewards. Under the old system, just the winner took home a prize ($100 Spoonflower Credit). Now, everyone in the Top Ten will get $50 dollars Spoonflower credit PLUS $50 Sprout credit. The winner will receive $100 Spoonflower credit, $100 Sprout credit, plus a whole load of promotion with their design.

I really like that everyone in the Top Ten gets something now, that’s a really good decision I think.

What is Sprout I hear you ask? Sprout is a new website by Spoonflower where you can buy patterns for clothing and accessories printed on Spoonflower fabrics. No tracing pattern pieces off – the pieces are literally printed for you so all you have to do is cut and sew! Cool! nice idea!

I’ve started putting together some inspiration for my Japanese Garden design, I love that I have more than a week to put it together. I’ll let you see it as soon as I’m finished x



Folksy Friday – Origami Originals

It has been quite some time since i have last done a Folksy Friday post, but i quite fancied doing one this week so I picked my theme and found some beautiful handmade items in the process. I’ve done this a little differently this time, I’ve picked 2 items from 3 different shops because they fitted in with my theme and i couldn’t just pick one as they’re all so lovely!

'Moon Ranger' Limited Edition Print

'Moon Ranger' Limited Edition Print (Mounted) from Crumpetty Tree

'Are we there yet?' Limited Edition Print

'Are we there yet?' Limited Edition Print (Mounted) from Crumpetty Tree

Hand-Cut, Silkscreen Purple Butterfly Card

Hand-Cut, Silkscreen Purple Butterfly Card from Love Poppet

Hand-Cut, Silkscreen Orange Butterfly Card

Hand-Cut, Silkscreen Orange Butterfly Card from Love Poppet

Origami custom cranes

Origami custom cranes from Longarms

Coloured origami crane sculpture

Coloured origami crane sculpture from Longarms

So that’s it from me this week, apologies for not being around for a while, I haven’t just been taking it easy though, I promise. Do take a look at my new handmade items in my shop ( to see what I’ve been making lately, and I will be back soon with more lovely crafted items and well designed delights!

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