DIY Fabric Sling Bookcase Tutorial

For ages now I have been meaning to get around to making Baby Loop some bookshelves for her room (I couldn’t afford the ones I wanted!). I wanted a bookcase that would allow her to see the fronts of her books. I saw tutorials for making them yourself in various ways, but everything involved either woodwork (for which I have no space), and/or attaching them to a wall, which is great, but we live in a rented property and the less holes I have to fill in when we leave, the better.

I had this (I think) brilliant idea. She has an alcove in her room that would make the perfect area for a bookcase. I had seen some ‘rental safe’ DIY ideas on various websites, and a lot of people were swearing by tension rods/poles for a variety of uses. So I took the sling bookcase idea, and slightly changed it so the slings would hang from tension rods which would fit in the alcove space! Voila! No holes!


This is SUPER easy to make and I’d like to share my process with you. Now, first of all, the fat quarters of fabric I had bought were not wide enough to fit the rods with huge gaps at either end. So, I used a combination of complimentary fabrics to get the size I needed. Here is the combination I chose:


The fox and tree fabric would be the outer fabrics, the stripy and the leaf fabric would be the inner fabrics. The plainer fabrics would go on either end and be used for both the inner and outer of the sling.

First, I stitched all the pieces of fabric together. Obviously if you have a piece of fabric that is wide enough for your space, you have less sewing to do. You would just need to sew the contrasting inner and outer fabrics together along top and bottom edges.


Next, I gave the edges a hem:


Then, right sides together, I brought the bottom edge up to the top edge and stitched. This makes on big cylinder of fabric.


Turn right side out:


Turn up that bottom edge so that your ‘outer’ fabric is visible:


Insert rods:


And install in the alcove:


Now all it needs it some books!


I’m really happy with my finished result, I’ve just got to get around to making the second (maybe even third and fourth?!) one now. There’s another alcove, and Baby Loop has a LOT more books!


You may notice that there are a couple of crochet toy hammocks there too – I made them a little while ago, they’re great for tidying away the billions of cuddly toys toddlers seem to acquire.

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