And so it begins!

I am now into the second week of being freelance. I spent the first day tidying up the loft room so that both myself and my partner have a nice space to work from when we do work from home. It’s still not complete, but it can actually be used now, which is a vast improvement! I’ll show some pictures when it is looking photo-shoot worthy.

The second and third day I spent designing my CV, portfolio and website. I can certainly say that as a graphic designer, designing your OWN stuff is the single most difficult thing you can do. So many decisions to make and nobody except yourself to make them! I got there in the end, and with the help of my super duper in-house developer Mr Loop, my website is now online:

Mockup LY Design Website

I basically wanted it to be an online CV with link to my Behance portfolio so that I don’t have to be uploading work to more than one site when I do something new. I think it has worked out good, but please let me know what you think, I value useful feedback!

Since then I have been firing my PDF portfolio and CV off to as many companies as possible. If I can get some freelance work to get me by, then I can work on some personal projects that I’m really excited about. I want to start making and selling my own patterns for kids clothing. Mr Loop has an awesome idea for an app that he’s working on and I want to help with the promotion of that. I’ve started writing a guest blog post for my friends website (I’ll let you know when that goes live!), and I’ve made myself a promise that I will do some sewing and finally get Baby Loops fabric bookcase I’m making done.

I’m swinging between feeling super positive and super scared of this new direction in life, but it sure is exhilarating to not really know what is going to come next! Will I be able to eat next week?! Who knows! I could do with losing some weight anyway…

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  1. sanmonty

     /  November 13, 2015

    Good luck Linzi, you will be amazing . Love sanXx😄


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