Getting creative again

I have some big news! At the end of this month (October), I will be leaving my graphic design job of 8 years and going completely freelance! It’s something I always intended to do really, even at uni I always said I would love to run my own design studio, so maybe now I can make that wish a reality. The company I work for, and the team I work with, are just so good it has been hard to make the decision. I’ve been working 3 days a week since returning from maternity leave, and that is something I will be continuing, so still a good work/life balance, but hopefully a lot more creative challenges. That’s my main reason for doing it really, after 8 years working in-house I’ve come to a point where I guess, I’m just bored!

Mr Loop became a freelance programmer in January this year and he has been doing really well, so this has helped me build up my confidence to do it too. We have so many ideas we want to work on together but not time to do them when I’m still at work. So now is our chance. I also have a million squillion things I want to make, and would love to show them to my blog readers to see what you think and whether I should make more & sell. Watch this space for more on that.

I would love to spend my time mixing my graphic design skills with my love of making things. Who knows where that will take me. My Dad has started making some awesome furniture lately and I reckon he could have a market for that. Maybe I could do his PR. I’m actually, perhaps bizarrely to some people, looking forward to doing some networking. I know a lot of people hate it, but I get quite the little buzz from it. Meeting new people is daunting and sometimes hard work, but being taken out of my comfort zone gives me a little sense of achievement.

I expect then, with a bit of extra time, that I will have more to show you in the coming months. Linziloop might take a slightly different direction in terms of the products I offer. I may get my website done. I may come asking for advice – will you help?!

In the meantime, if anyone does need the skills of a graphic designer, you can find my Behance portfolio here, and I’m on LinkedIn too!

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  1. sanmonty

     /  October 6, 2015

    Good luck Linzi, I am sure you will be successful. Love Sandraxxx


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