It’s been a long time…

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post – nearly 4 months in fact! So I thought I would just check in and say all is well, I’ve just had a lovely summer of being with my little family and occasionally getting some time in to make things, but not quite enough time to sit and write blog posts.

Giraffes are at home in the sand, right?! #sophiegiraffe #baby #beach

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I’ve not abandoned you my lovely readers, and things will be coming more often soon enough! I’m due to go back to work very soon (booooo, end of maternity leave!), but I will only be going back part-time (3 days a week) because I can’t bare to spend more of my week at work than with my little one. I do however need the money otherwise I probably wouldn’t be going back at all, as great a place as it is to work. This change in day to day life has got me thinking of ways to get organised so the days I do have with Baby Loop are spent with her rather than catching up on chores or all the things I want to get made, or shopping and things like that. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m becoming an organisation machine haha! I will say that using the slow cooker and my evenings to maximum capacity feature a lot in this plan šŸ˜€

In terms of what I have been up to creatively, well, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you might have seen the dress that I have made for Baby Loop. I gotta say, I’m absolutely in love with it and was totally flattered when we were at a soft play center and another mum asked where I got it from šŸ˜€

I’m thinking of making these to sell but I need to work out how exactly to fit the making of them into the already very busy schedule!

I got a die cutting press for my birthday, with which I plan to make some really cool appliques for the kidswear I plan to make (yes, no just dresses!)

I made my first ever wreath, and nope, it wasn’t a Christmas one, it was a Halloween one! Christmas one is next šŸ˜€

Aaaand I got my hair done for my birthday, which I am feeling totally super about, it’s amazing how much a new hair cut and colour can make a difference to your confidence šŸ˜€

Birthday curls šŸ˜€ New cut and colour #abouttime

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I’m sure I’ve been up to PLENTY more but doesn’t your mind just go blank when people ask that ‘What have you been up to?’ question?! This is just like that!

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  1. Sandra Montgomery

     /  October 31, 2014

    Lovely blog Linzi. Good lck with going back to work.


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