Craft stall checklist

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In my craft room I have a box. In that box I keep almost everything I might need when I run a craft stall. It took me a few attempts before I got it right, there was always something I forgot, but having it now all in one place should I ever decide on a whim to do a craft fair again, makes the idea seem a little less stressful! I thought therefore it might be helpful for me to share with fellow crafters my checklist of things to take when running your craft stall, especially if you’re preparing for your first one, because lets face it, there’s a lot to consider!

Here we go:

  • Your stock (the most obvious thing to not forget, but I’m sure someone, somewhere, has done)
  • A float (no, not a pool float, but some change so you can serve those all important first customers without embarrassingly having to ask the stall next to you for change of £20)
  • Price tags (if they’re not already on your stock, but it might be an idea to do this before you go. Still, I always carry spares in case some fall off)
  • Pen, paper – keep track of what you have sold
  • Business cards/flyers
  • Table cloth/covering
  • Any stall display items (this may include boxes, hangers, shelving, mannequins, vintage suitcases, etc.)
  • Tissue paper (for wrapping)
  • Paper bags (Some customers do prefer a bag, especially for larger items)
  • Stall sign
  • Cable ties and duct tape (there aint nuffin’ that can’t be sorted with a combo of these haha!)
  • A lamp (I’ve turned up to my space once and really needed extra lighting. I had to ring my mum to bring some. Now I keep a small lamp in this box)
  • A table (obviously only if one is not being provided by the event – definitely worth checking!)
  • Chair (if you need to take a table, chances are you’ll need a chair too! Don’t forget one for any helpers you have roped in!

Do any of my fellow crafters have anything to add? Anything you can’t live without when attending craft fairs? Anything you have a habit of forgetting?! Mine is always my float; made ten times worse by the fact most craft fairs I have done have been on Sundays when the banks are closed so I end up frantically asking random shops on the way to change some money for me, or turning up at my dads and raiding his change jar!

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  1. Very good, very useful – you even managed to make such a ‘panic subject’ entertaining. Thank you, Lindsey ! xxx


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