Pure Yacon Syrup Review

Following up from my last blog post about a new venture, I applied for and got accepted for my first ‘assignment’ – a review of Quality Encapsulations Pure Yacon Syrup. I applied for this assignment because as a natural sweetener I thought it fitted in with my attempts to live as healthily as possible (no processed food, always cooking from scratch, buying organic, getting a good balance – we’ll ignore the fact I still can’t quite shake off chocolate, but I’m working on it!) and I would be able to make/bake something with it to share with my readers, fitting into the handmade theme of my blog… well, homemade is still handmade right?!

So, a few weeks ago now I received my 8fl oz (236ml) bottle  of 100% pure yacon syrup. Curious, I wanted to try it straight away. I poured a spoon full (the recommended amount is 3 teaspoons a day) and had a sniff – the smell is quite bitter, and it’s dark brown in colour. Taste wise it has a chocolatey kinda taste, although not as sweet as one might expect, and overall is quite palatable. I could definitely manage 3 teaspoons a day anyway 🙂

Picture of bottle of the product

I had never even heard of it prior to this assignment so I did a bit of research – seems like it has been getting quite the name for itself as an aid to weight loss. Not one for fad diets or ‘quick fixes’ I was skeptical, and it wasn’t something I wished to try, but I was interested in it’s uses for diabetics; my Dad, brother and Auntie all have diabetes so I was interested to see what use it could be to them.  For me, the hardest thing to give up would be chocolate, and I reckon the only way I could do it is if I had something else to eat in its place when I fancied something sweet or a snack. In the past I’ve made raw energy balls and they go down a treat with both myself and Mr Loop, so I thought I would give Yacon syrup a go in those.

I gathered together some ingredients I usually put in raw energy balls – dates, raisins, various nuts and seeds, coconut oil, dessicated coconut, cacao powder, and honey.

Energy ball raw ingredients

My raw ingredients prior to blending

My raw ingredients prior to blending


My raw ingredients mixed with the hand blender. We’ll ignore the fact I blew my hand blender up doing this, threw it out the kitchen door cos it was ‘smokin’! Totally my fault, didn’t use the right attachment, dates are damn sticky. So please – if you do this, use a food processor, not a hand blender.

I thought I might be able to substitute the honey with yacon syrup, but once my mixture was made up (above pic) I soon realised that in order to get it all to stick together I would have to use the ENTIRE bottle of Yacon syrup… and at $26.99 (roughly £16) a bottle, even though I had been given this for the purposes of the review, I couldn’t bring myself to put £16 worth of syrup into one batch of energy balls, so I did use some honey.  The mixture of thick gloopy Yacon syrup and honey made for really hard work mixing it all together, but it was SUPER sticky so the balls came together REALLY well, even if I did end up with hands that felt like they had been dipped in super strength glue haha!

Raw energy balls

Finished off with a dusting of dessicated coconut, looking fabulous and ready to eat! Nom nom nom :D

Finished off with a dusting of dessicated coconut, looking fabulous and ready to eat! Nom nom nom 😀

The verdict? Well, the Yacon Syrup certainly made for the perfect accompaniment to the other ingredients in my raw energy balls. With that and the cacao powder they make a great healthy substitute to chocolate, and they may have the added benefit of helping you lose weight (although I can’t say much on that as I’m steadily losing weight each week since having Baby Loop so not really the time for me to be able to comment). BUT, (sorry, there’s a but!), it’s expensive; having used half the bottle it would make this batch of energy balls cost over £15, and that’s just not sustainable. Especially if you’re not buying it specifically for weightloss, or if you intend to use it as a permanent substitute for sugar in your diet. I’m also not entirely sure how you would use it as a substitute in baking; I did originally intend yo bake a cake with it but I couldn’t work out how I would convert a recipe that called for sugar into a recipe that would work with syrup instead – it just wouldn’t have the right consistency, and if you still need to use sugar to keep the consistency then surely that defeats the object?

In summary – it works great in energy balls, it tastes good, it potentially is a solution for people who want to kick start losing weight, and it is a potential substitute for sugar for diabetics if they can find ways to use it (in their tea or coffee perhaps?!). But it depends what cost you would out on your health; having 3 teaspoons of this a day would mean the bottle would last just a day or two over two weeks, so that’s £16 every two weeks until you achieve your goal, or wean yourself off the need for sweet things. Personally I couldn’t afford that, but I know there will be people who think it is worth every penny if it helps them lose weight that is dangerously affecting their health, or manage their blood sugar levels to keep diabetes in check when giving up sweet things cold turkey is SO hard!

I was given a bottle of the syrup for the purposes of the review, but all opinions are my own 🙂


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  1. The effect of the syrup has been scientifically proven as experts explain. These nutritious roots consist of fructooligosaccharides, an indigestible polysaccharide comprised of fructose.
    The silky-fine carob powder from Italy that we sell is the
    richest, most chocolaty carob powder I’ve ever tried.


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