A new addition to the family

For those regular followers of my blog, you will know that I spent much of 2013 crocheting a lovely baby blanket for my baby, due in November. Well I am very pleased to announce that she arrived on November 19th (11 days late), weighing 6lb 11.5ozs! I won’t share her name or pics online as we want her to have internet privacy, so for blogging purposes, she shall be know as Baby Loop πŸ˜€ So shes now 3 weeks old, and we’re loving being parents. It’s all very new to us, she is our first, but we’re getting into the swing of things now. Mr Loop is back at work (booooo!) so I’m spending my days becoming a master juggler; feed baby, burp baby, change baby, clean sick up, grab some food, reply to some emails, tidy the house, etc etc. I’ve not had a chance to do any crochet yet but that’s going to change today as I have an order some yarn has just turned up for that I have to make, so I must find the time! Before that though, I just thought it was about time I updated you all on our big news πŸ˜€

Being a new Mummy is great. The breastfeeding is hard work but I really think it will be worth it, and I’m lucky enough to be able to do it,Β  so I’ll keep it up for as long as possible. She has made us laugh so many times already with funny faces and massive trumps! We’ve been out for walks with her in the pram, she really loves that, sends her straight off to sleep. I’ve bought one of those baby wrap/sling things but not tried it out yet, really must give it a go as I know it will come in really handy and is good to have her close to me. Lots of people have been to visit so shes getting used to be passed around, seems to not mind that at all, and the night times, well, some ok, some not so ok, but I’m sure that will tip to the ‘ok’ side more often as time goes on (people tell me it does so it must be true!)

3 days old and out for her first walk. Me looking slightly sleep deprived and make-up less!

3 days old and out for her first walk. Me looking slightly sleep deprived and make-up less!

Other than that, I’m currently trying to raise funds to make up for the cost of two mannequin heads I have just bought in order to take photos of my new items (I would ideally like to use a model but it’s just not practical in terms of time at the moment, so mannequins it is!). At least they’re a step up from the polystyrene mannequin head I have used in the past, these ones are at least attempting to look realistic, and should make for better photography, I hope! So, if you’re reading this and feeling generous, please do share my shop or my Facebook page with anyone you feel may like my handmade goods, it will be much appreciated!

Shameless self-promotion aside, I still have a lot of work to do on the building of my online shop, but I was making good progress with it on the few weeks of my maternity leave I had pre-baby, so hopefully when things settle down a bit here I can continue with that and have something to show you in 2014. Christmas is just around the corner so I’ve been doing lots of online shopping for gifts, trying my best to find handmade or vintage gifts (some people are much easier to buy for than others though!). What great gifts have you found this year? Sadly I can’t really share any of mine as that would spoil the surprise for their recipients! I’ll have to dig out the Christmas decorations from the loft this week if I can too, we had a bit of a switch-around in the living room and now we have space to fit a Christmas tree, yay!

Must dash for now, feed time approaches! I’ll be back with pics of my mannequins when they arrive!


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