Finished… with time to spare!

Finally, the granny stripe baby blanket I started is finished! With 2 days until my due date it’s about time hey?! I was so intent on getting it finished that I didn’t write one of the ‘update’ blogs I was going to write, I thought I would just plough on through. So, a little update on the progress: I have been crocheting this pretty much every day since going on maternity leave in one last big effort to get it finished in time for the baby being born. I got to the end of the granny stripes, and then I had the spectacularly annoying task of tying in my loose ends for every single row (note to self: next time, do it as you go, not all at the end!). At this point it was looking like this:

Pre-edged granny stripe blanket

Looking good, but I thought it definitely needed an edge (had been thinking it would do all along so no surprise), and with the end in sight, I kept on crocheting. I edged it by doing a round of yet more granny stitches, followed by a round of double crochet on top of that, followed by a nice wiggly kinda shell edge (I’m not entirely sure what the proper term for the stitch I have used is, but it looks pretty). So today I had my breakfast and sat down to do the last part of that, and voila, it is complete!

Granny Stripe Blanket Edging

Almost looks like a different blanket! I’m really pleased with how it has turned out and can’t wait to put the little one in it! So exciting! I even have enough of each colour left to do some little hats of mittens or booties, so guess what I’ll be doing next?!

Here are some more shots of the blanket that show it off a bit better:

Granny Stripe Blanket Collage

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  1. Gorgeous!!! Good luck with the new baby too! Let us know when he/she is here ❤

  2. I love the tighter weave afghans- this is beautiful!


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