Craft Stall Props

I’ve always tinkered with the way my craft stall looks at every event I’ve done. Sometimes just a little, sometimes a lot. Sometimes I forget to bring something and so have to ‘make do’ or find a substitute. Other times I opt not to take absolutely everything because I need to travel light or know I won’t have the time to set up. Making your craft stall stand out, stand up to a bit of bashing or outdoor elements, be easy for you to transport, and be quick to set up, all time time also presenting your products at their best, can be quite the task. I don’t claim to have mastered this task, but I would like to share some cool things I have found  on my journey of looking for craft stall ‘props’ that could be used on your craft stall.

Apple/Wine Crates

Example wine crate

The price of these has fallen victim to their increasing popularity, being used for all kinds of purposes such as veg planters, home shelving, personalised toy boxes and yes- you guessed it, craft stall displays. If you can get your hands on some cheaply however (which seems to no longer be possible on sites such as Ebay unfortunately!) then certainly do – they’re great as portable shelving, can be painted up to match with your stall, and double up as something sturdy to carry your stock in when you’re off home at the end of the day!

Letterpress Drawers

Letterpress drawer example

Especially useful for small items such as jewellery, letterpress drawers are one of my favourite items I have seen used on craft stalls, probably because of the slightly geeky graphic designer I can be. It’s a little piece of history re-purposed into something that is still very useful, and in it’s own right, beautiful. They usually appear antique/vintage, and look good with a lick of paint, but some look great just as they are. Hooks can be screwed into the wood for hanging items on, and the little compartments make perfect tiny little shelves. Some have a handle on top, which can come in quite handy, but I guess you could always put your own handle on!

Vintage Suitcasessuitcase-vintage-cream

Another item which can be difficult to get hold of cheaply at the moment as not only are they useful for craft stalls but all the hipsters love ’em, the vintage suitcase is another handy craft stall prop that double up as both display and storage. I managed to get one myself in a vintage shop in Manchester for £10. It had a clean cream leather exterior and a gorgeous pale blue lining inside with not a mark on it. It has seen me through many a stall and is still going strong. I use it to store and carry things as well as display items. What I display in it tends to change each time. I have found a cork board that fits perfectly inside the lid so what I tend to do is prop that up in the lid with items pinned to it and then fill the bottom half with some smaller items. It helps break the table up a bit, and it adds a little height too. Keep an eye out for a cheap one in good condition – even if you find no use for it yourself I’ll bet someone else would be willing to give you at least what you paid for it 😉

Old Picture Frames


I’ve seen these used in a couple of different ways. One way is building a little set of shelves into the back of the frame – like I have shown on Taradara’s stall in a previous post (above)


or another way is to attach string to the back of the frame and use this to hang small items from such as earrings. Alula Jewellery merges this idea with the suitcase idea to display her feather jewellery and it looks great!


Room Dividers/Folding Screens


An absolutely inspired idea for gaining more space to display your items without really taking up more than your allocated space if it can fit behind where you are sitting. Also helps gain that all important height, but only really good if you can attach items to it. May be good if you’re selling posters or photographic prints and you get a screen that doesn’t ‘fight’ with your work (something plain and simple). I did get rather excited when I saw this image of some backlit screens though, absolutely stunning! I think a new love affair may have started, I’m now obsessed with folding screens and finding ways I could put one to use (I don’t have a room in my house big enough that’s for sure!)

A mirror


One thing you should absolutely not be without if you are selling absolutely anything that can be tried on, is a mirror. I tend to use a small oval shaped freestanding mirror which doesn’t take too much space up on my table. So much fun could be had with mirrors though, and it’s something I would like to explore further. A large mirror propped up at the back of my table could provide extra light, another point of interest (if I did something funky with it), and help break up the stall by providing some height. The above one could even double up as an item to display things on.

These are my favourite items I’ve seen used so far, what item could you not be without on your craft stall!? Is there an item you use purely for display that people are always asking to buy?!

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