Long Time No Speak!

Oh dear, what must my readers think, I’ve not made a blog post for quite some time! I’m not gone, and I’ve not forgotten, but I have been putting far less time into Linziloop stuff over the last few months, and a bit more time into ErroZero (my graphic design startup). Nevertheless, I have still been making some things, so I shall share these with you! I started making some kiddy hats in the later part of 2012, which is quite fitting really and must have been a sign, as in Feb 2013 I found out I was expecting πŸ˜€

linziloop crochet baby hat

I bought the doll that models the baby stuff from ebay. It freaks some people out because the eyes move, but I love it!

After moving house in October and gaining a whole room just for me to have my craft things in I would have thought I would have really gotten into it and been making loads, but I found the decor in the room rather uninspiring and ended up not spending much time in there at all. With the emergence of lighter evenings and sometimes some sunshine however, I have found myself wanting to make more things in the last couple of months – I can get out in the garden and crochet on the massive beanbag (my new favourite thing in the world!), and the craft room doesn’t seem quite so dull in a brighter light. I really must get around to decorating though!

I have managed to make myself a skirt, which with it’s shirred waste should come in pretty handy over the coming months of ever growing belly! I had this fabric lying around for a while and it seemed perfect for a skirt with it’s embroidery along the bottom there, what do you think?

linziloop floral handmade maternity skirt

I haven’t had a craft stall for a while but I do have one this coming weekend (June 1st) at the Psychometric Picnic in the Bombed Out Church in Liverpool. This was an event I also attended last year and was much fun, so I jumped at the chance to do it again. If you’re around Liverpool on Saturday, do pop along, it’s a great event with some brilliant music and workshops and will be well worth your while. Don’t forget your suncream – the weather is promising sun!

Psychometric Picnis photo 2012

Click on the picture to see my blog post about Psychometric Picnic 2012!

Oh and that reminds me! I went to a crafternoon at a friends a couple of weeks ago. A little boy opened the door and I thought “I know you, but I can’t place where from!”. Turns out he was there with his mum, who I had met – at the psychometric picnic; small world eh! Not only that, but I got the most amazing compliment. The little boys mum had actually bought a hair band off me that day, and she said she still has it and it has become something she wears ALL the time. This made me really happy πŸ™‚

I may have had some time off blogging for a little while but it’s nice to know my past articles are still being found and read. A few months ago a guy from Craftseller magazine got in touch with me after seeing my Festival Trading tips on this very blog and asked if I would contribute some advice to an article he was writing about selling outdoors! Very happy to oblige, I provided some tips and waited patiently for the May-June issue to come out. Well, it’s here, with a brand new look, and true enough, my name is in print! It’s even got a link to my blog, how fab πŸ˜€

Craftseller magazine new look front cover

This is the article I contributed to :) Unfortunately none of my pics were used but I do like the way it has been illustrated.

This is the article I contributed to πŸ™‚ Unfortunately none of my pics were used but I do like the way it has been illustrated.

Craftseller outdoor selling tips Linziloop mention

Yay! And there it is – my name, and this blog, in print!

I’m off to get some sleep now, but I promise I won’t leave it this long again until my next blog post!

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    Firstly because you’re blogging again, and secondly TINY HUMAN INSIDE YOUR INSIDES – I love the tiny humans.

    I’m in love with your doll, I think the skirt is divine, and I have The Envy of your name in print.

    Big loves

    • Best blog comment ever πŸ˜€ Thanks Elizabeth! I have been poking around your blog for advice on cloth nappies and things, so you’re helping without even knowing! Well, you know now ;p Find out in a few weeks whether we are having a boy or a girl. I have some more of that fabric left you know, I could totally make you a matching skirt to mine! You haven’t seen the dolls eyes move from side to side, you never know, it might freak you out, or more realistically, because we have certain personality traits in common, you’ll probably find it even more endearing πŸ˜€ Surely you’ve had your name in print a few more times than me?!

  2. Not in someone else’s actual magazine though. Apart from those times that I have. But yours is a magazine you LIKE, that’s different!

    If you rummage through twitter and speak to @Mollinda (you KNOW her from that uni thing we all hit simultaneously) she has the BEST knowledge of cloth nappies and named her baby after an anagram of Tardis. She wins.

    I WANT THE CREEPY DOLL. And a skirt. Totally.


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