The Fashion Dictatorship

I don’t get it. I don’t get why people follow fashion regardless of whether the latest trend suits them or not. I don’t understand why people seem so loath to pick a ‘look’ for themselves, based on what they feel comfortable in, or what they feel they looks good, not what society tells them does. Granted not EVERYONE follows fashion, but for those who don’t, it’s sometimes hard to find something in the shops that doesn’t scream ‘fashion victim’, and this frustrates me, as the only other options you’re really left with are ‘make it yourself’ (not always possible), ‘trawl the charity shops’ (obviously a bit of a hit or miss affair), or spend hours searching online for that one item you just can’t currently get on the highstreet.

Man in strange outfit on catwalk

How far would you go? If this was the next thing in the shops, would people wear it because that is what is “in fashion”!?

A recent struggle to find a simple black cardigan got me thinking, I wonder how many more people have stories of times when they have wanted something specific but because that particular item is not in fashion, or the current trend is to make it some god awful colour, they have simply not been able to get it? I live in leggings and skirts. I quite often find myself either having to stock up on the kinds of skirts I like during summer, because come winter time the shops have decided everyone wants to wear trousers, or I have to make them myself. Why isn’t there a highstreet shop that actually makes a point of selling items that don’t conform to the fashion of the season?

girl searching through rail

How long do you search for before you give up?!

There are some exceptions to that rule, I think. For example American Apparal sell basics in all the colours under the sun all year round. But it’s expensive, and you pretty much have to be built like a beanpole to wear most of their stuff. There’s Gap, who tend to have some basics all year round that aren’t too subject to what is in fashion, but then they also sell items with their name in whopping great letters across the chest and I don’t appreciate being a corporate advertising board. I’m sure there are others, but at the moment I am struggling to think of a shop that doesn’t in some way tag onto this whole ‘what’s in fashion’ thing. You do of course have ‘alternative’ shops which don’t follow the ‘mainstream’ fashion but instead aim themselves at some sub-genre such as goth or hippy. But then you pay the price for shopping somewhere niche. And then there are charity shops, but as has been said, they can be very hit or miss even for just finding your size, nevermind an item which actually works for you. Some people I know seem to have better luck than others in charity shops though! Perhaps there is some secret!

So I’m intrigued and I must ask you, my readers, what sort of ‘fashion sense’ do you consider yourself to have? Do you follow fashion  regardless of whether the new ‘neon fishnet vest’ makes you look like a flabby throwback from the 90’s rave scene, or do you make do with bits from here and there in an attempt to have your own style? Do you have a shop you think is just perfect all year round that you are always guaranteed to find something in?

purple shellsuit woman

If you had actually taken a step back for a moment and asked “Do these look good?” rather than just wearing on because they were in fashion, do you honestly think the answer would have been “Oh yes, that shell suit material and purple sheen bring out your curves and the colour of your eyes most beautifully darling”? …Didn’t think so.

If you could have your own personal seamstress/tailor what would you have them make that you struggle finding in the shops? Is there an item of clothing you have in your mind that you just can’t find anywhere!? I know I’ve had that problem! Go out looking for something rather specific to find it just doesn’t exist! I’d love to say the answer is in the handmade marketplace but I find that clothing is often too expensive to buy everything handmade – not that I don’t think it’s worth every penny. Then I think ‘well I’ll just make it all myself’ to then find that actually, I’ve not quite got the technical skill for that particular item. One day! Maybe!

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