Finding your audience

I think I may have finally found my audience, it’s just a matter of how to get them all together in one place again! Some of you will know that I decided to give up doing craft fairs at least for a bit a while ago as I never really saw any profit from them, in fact it was rare that I would break even, most running at a loss once you factor in the cost of the table plus parking. I was selling my items in a pop up shop in Liverpool for quite a few months which I have mixed feelings about to be honest – on the one hand I sold more than I usually would just by solely selling online, and probably got my stuff in front of people who otherwise would never have seen it, but having to pay commission meant that I either had to up the price of my goods quite substantially and thus probably losing sales because of it, or take the hit on my profit, which simply wasn’t sustainable.

At the beginning of the month I got my stock back from the pop up shop as they were having a change of venue and it seemed like the right time to try something new. My friend had asked me a few months earlier if I would be interested running s stall with her at an event her partner was organising – The Psychometric Picnic in The Bombed Out Church, Liverpool. I thought I would give this a go and I’m really glad I did! Not only was it the most wonderful day with lovely weather, brilliant venue and the most inspiring and amazing people, but my stuff seemed to quite popular! It may have been the fact that I had put my prices down quite a bit in a moment of “I really need to get this stuff selling”, but I did get some really nice compliments and real interest in my stuff. Some custom orders too, at none-sale prices, so that’s saying something 😀

The Psychometric Picnic isn’t a frequent event, in fact this was the first, and there may not be another until next year, but I wonder where all these people are usually hiding?! Here are some pictures of the day, do come join the Psychometric Vision group on Facebook to keep up to date with future events!

Psychometric Picnic Stage Setup

The stage setup on the day where many DJs and musicians played

The Psychometric Picnic

Everyone having a lovely time, family friendly lovelyness

Psychometric Picnic Puppet

Scaring the kids….and probably some grown ups too haha! Isn’t he awesome?!

Linziloop and Maïya-Jyotï Creation Stall

Linziloop and Maïya-Jyotï Creation Stall

Linziloop Handmade Stall at the bombed out church

My table, looking a bit more bare than it did at the beginning!

Linziloop Handmade Chain Necklace Closeup

I still can’t believe this hasn’t sold, it’s awesome, what’s going on?! Hehe!

I was sharing the stall with Maïya-Jyotï Creation who make the most amazing clothing – seriously, check em out. As for what I’ll be up to next, well, I have a bit of a new direction I would like to take me handmade business in. More clothing for one. A more consistent range. I have certainly got a bit of a better idea as to what sells and what prices people are willing to pay – which unfortunately means that it’s unfeasible for me to make some items at all, but I still will for myself and presents and things I’m sure. Until I get all that sorted, which might be a while yet as I have 1001 other things on including running ErroZero and Retroid Studio, then please do check by my Etsy shop for occassional new items and of course all the items that are still in my clearance sale which I am willing to take (not silly!) offers on.

What have I learned about finding my audience? Craft fairs are full of people who already do crafts, brick and mortar shops are good for getting your stuff in front of people if in the right location but commission can be a killer, and online is the cheapest way to try but a very saturated market. Finding your audience all in one place is rare, really rare. I got lucky! Lets hope I can get lucky again…
Much love to you all xxx

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