Creatures of the woods

It’s really nice to see the wonderful things people are capable doing, especially so when it’s in a woods just around the corner from the house where you grew up. This week a man has been very very busy creating these sculptures from fallen or cut down trees in Ten Acre Pits, Huyton, which has seen a bit of a makeover recently thanks to the local people. What lovely things to come across on your walk to work or school, I hope they are well looked after, I’ll be keeping an eye on them that’s for sure!

Fox and Badger Friends Tree Carving

Fox tree carving close up

Badger wood carving close up

Fallen tree carving home sweet home

Fallen tree animal close up

Cute wood lady close up

Creepy crawlies close up

Tree of life

Tree of life fairy close up

Tree of life bugs close up

Man, boy and owl

I think this one is still in progress, so I'll take more pictures when finished. Isn't it amazing though?!

Edit: I have since found out through finding the ‘Friends of Ten Acre Pits‘ Facebook page that the guy responsible for these amazing pieces is called Andy Burgess. Great work Andy!

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  1. Wow. These are stunning.

  2. Thank you for this, Linzi – really gladdened my heart ! x


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