Pinterest – An Addiction

For ages I managed to avoid Pinterest. I already had Facebook, Twitter and Stumble to procrastinate perfectly well with. It was just a visual pinboard, an online scrapbook, if you will. But these pin boards of beautifully arranged items along a common theme kept cropping up when I was using StumbleUpon, and more and more of them were inspiring and amazing me with their brilliant little collections of items that were pure genius or just visually stunning. Then one day, I was searching for a new dress, I was bookmarking the ones I liked, and then coming back to them later, using multiple tabs to compare them and I thought, “I could really do with all of these compared on one page” – and that’s when I had a mini brainwave – Pinterest! So I popped on, signed up for an account, and started pinning my dresses on a board named “Clothing I Love“. Helped me see all the dresses I liked in one place.

But since then, I’ve started putting together pinboards not as a means to help me, but just for fun, and I tell you something, for such a simple idea, it’s blinking addictive! Not in a bad way I guess, digital scrapbooking is a nice little creative thing to do, it’s nice seeing a coherent pinboard come together, test your curating skills. I’d recommend having  a go if you’re the type of person that likes putting collections of things together, you can use any image you find on the web in a pinboard, it’s such an easy thing to do, and then people start “liking” and “sharing” pins and you think, hey, I must be doing something right! Plus if you pick items from sites like Folksy and Etsy, it may help those sellers get a sale, how lovely 😀

Anyway, here are some of my pinboards in the making:

Linziloop Pinterest Boards

Come join in! Share your boards! Share the love! I’m a convert (can you tell?!)

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  1. LOVE Pinterest and am a recent convert myself.

    Here is my favorite board, but I love all my boards almost the same!

  2. Doodlebags

     /  January 27, 2012

    My name’s Helen and I’m an addict!

  3. ahhhhhh pinterest…my favorite way to spend my hours NOT sleeping in the middle of the night lol

  4. I’m completely addicted as well!!
    Such a great place to organize all things you love!
    A few of mine include cooking/baking (yummy)
    Organizing ( organization), crafts ( the crafty me)

    Happy pinning my friend!

  5. Hi Linzi,
    You just touched on a completely raw nerve here – I discovered pinterest on my arty crafty browsings and really liked it – BUT !!!!!!! – Im too much of a computer phobe and dunce to even dare go near a ‘pinboard’ !!!
    Actually, seeing your boards made me on one hand really happy because they are fun, clever and beautiful – on the other hand I know that I will need help to dare try myself.
    Must go and have a look at your friend’s boards once I’ve made grandson’s lunch.
    Thank you for delighting and inspiring me !
    Kiki x


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