My latest craft fairs; Part 2 – The Great Kazimier Yuletide White Elephant Bizarre

Whizzing right into the blogging to kick off 2012, this post is the continuation of “My latest crafts fairs“, where I will talk about my experience at The Great Kazimier Yuletide White Elephant Bizarre which took place on Sunday 18th December. I had done this fair a year previous and had excellent results in 2010, it went down as my best craft fair ever in fact, so I had high hopes for this one. Having forgotten my mannequin the day before, I made absolutely sure that I had her with me this time, and my box I use to bring a little height to my stall.

I still forgot something though, something I hadn’t needed the day before, and hadn’t really needed the year before due to stall placement, but this year I was in quite a dark corner, and I needed a light. It’s something I’ve never much bothered about with my stall, I’ve usually been pretty lucky with location and the fact that my items aren’t the kind of things that need to be lit to sparkle or anything like that, but they do at least need to be seen, so luckily – once again, Mum to the rescue hehe! My Mum and Dad were just about to leave when I rang and brought a lamp for me with them. So, lesson learned, add “lamps” to that checklist, you never know, you might need em! Still it was a little dark but it was good enough, live and learn hey 😉

Linziloop Handmade Kazimier Craft Stall

Mr Loop sat there looking pretty, photos taken kinda in a rush I'm afraid as I realised right at the end of the day I hadn't actually taken any! Whoops!

As luck would have it, I was placed next to Queen Bug Pop at The Kazimier, so again I had a friendly face nearby 😀 Over the course of the day my Mum and Dad had a little look around, my friends Gary and Carrie popped by for a little visit, my friend Anna stayed with me for a while, treating me to a mulled cider and a good old chinwag, and then Mr Loop turned up nearer the end of the day and was then roped into helping me pack everything back into the car, in exchange for a lift home hehe! The Kazimier White Elephant Bizarre is a great event, with entertainment, mulled wine and cider, food, excellent stalls, very merry people, and plenty of footfall.

The Kazimier Craft Fair

The view from my balcony

Having not done so great the day before, I thought this day might have made up for it. I had plenty of stock, I was wearing my new dress, I felt good about it! Unfortunately, 2011 was not to be a repeat of 2010, and I came away from this day also just having covered the cost of the stall and parking. Actually, I didn’t even cover parking, it just so happened that my Dad had bought coffee and tea and let me keep the change, so I was a few quid up from that! Moreover, I was once again at a loss as to why exactly this had happened. One variable that had differed since my last stall at The Kazimier was my location – having been downstairs last year and upstairs this year I do wonder if that had some impact on the amount of people seeing my stall and therefore possible buyers. Not that I’m going to grumble about that mind, I had picked that spot because it gave me some space to spread out that I had lacked the year previous, I will just put it down to yet another experience to learn from and try again next year!

Linziloop Handmade Craft Stall

The extra space I had allowed me to have my little table with my tree on, where I could also have my sale basket, business cards, flyers and other little bits and pieces

Soooo, two not very successful craft fairs but some promising sales online leading up to Christmas had be in a bit of a quandary. I was hoping to use the money I made at the craft fairs to buy new yarn for a new range I have been designing, and my plan wasn’t going to, well, plan. I had no more craft fairs planned, and once Christmas was over, I knew my online sales would dry up. I’m not usually one for massive sales as I feel it can be detrimental to the entire handmade community, but a New Year was coming and it was time for a new start. I have ideas for a new range, but I need the space for it and cash to buy the yarn. There was nothing for it – a bit mahoosive whopping scary (to me) bonanza of a clearance sale! I got to work slashing prices in my Etsy shop (trying hard not to think too much about all the time and effort that had gone into these pieces that I would never see any payment for), and that’s where you find me now. The sale is on, we’ll see how it goes, my shop will be getting a mini makeover, but not until the old stock is gone.

Linziloop Etsy shop screenshot

The sale is on - it's official, the banner says so and everything!

I’ll be back soon as I have a few ideas for posts brewing, speaking of which, time for a brew me thinks! Until next time – take care xxx

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  1. alikibags

     /  January 5, 2012

    Another jolly read about the huge efforts and vagaries of a crafter’s, maker’s life – thank you, Lindsey !
    I can so empathise with your experiences, stock and cash flow are a headache…..for once I am using a polite term here !
    I agree with your concern about a clearance sale, seems so sad that you feel you have no option. But, hey-ho, suppose there will be people VERY glad of it and this is a good time for a total re-think and fresh start. Please do not change too much, we all love handmade Linziloop !!!!
    Kiki x

  2. Well, I think your booth looked awesome! Sorry the shows weren’t very successful for you. This was my first year going all-out and doing as many Christmas craft shows as I could fit in. Many were a disappointment for me too.

    Live and learn, I guess. 🙂 Good luck with your Etsy shop!


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