My latest craft fairs; Part 1 – Made-Here Christmas Arts Market

Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted, what can I say, I have been a busy little bee between work, Linziloop stuff, exercising the beejesus out of myself and having some kind of social life amongst it all, oh, and a little thing called Christmas! Squeezed in there somewhere I also managed two craft fairs in the run up to the holiday season, one straight after the other on the weekend of 17th and 18th December. I think I might well fry your brains (and mine) if I try and fit in all my recent adventures into one blog post so for now I will do my best to fill you in about the two craft fairs I did, they were both quite different, and I think I learned some things to share with you all šŸ˜€

The first craft fair I did was the Made-Here Christmas Arts Market in Bold Street, Liverpool. I booked this in quite a while ago so had plenty of time to prepare, make more things, even do a test run of how my table would look in the living room. Would you believe I have never had the chance to do this before?! It was quite the luxury!

Linziloop Craft Stal Test Run

The test run of my stall in my living room - taken on phone camera so not best quality but made for a great quick reference guide for me when setting up on the day!

I would say if you have the time, definitely do a test run of how you want your stall to look – if you’re anything like me you will have plenty of new items since you last did a stall so will need to perhaps do it differently to how you last did it. Doing a test run when you have plenty of time and then taking a picture makes for much less faffing on the actual morning of the craft fair. What I would also say, is make sure you do actually take everything you used to create your display – don’t do what I did and forget your mannequin or box to raise your polystyrene heads up with. That would be silly ;p Luckily I had a friend at the craft fair who had a mannequin nearby in her studio (thank Beccy!) and so this is how my stall ended up looking on the day:

Linziloop Stall

Maybe not a carbon copy of the test run, but fairly happy with it. Still room for improvement me thinks!

Linziloop Craft Stall Display

Linziloop Handmade Craft Stall

And because I know how much you all love to have a nosy at other craft stalls, and because I was next to two absolutely brilliant fellow crafters, here are some pictures of the stalls I was next to too! On my right there was the legend of a lady who is Kiki of Aliki Bags, who I have now had the pleasure of doing the Made-Here Arts Market with twice, and it has been a pleasure!

Aliki Bags Craft Stall

Aliki Handmade Bags Craft Stall

If you like what you see here on Kiki’s stall then please do take a look through her website, or go like her page on Facebook – she is the most friendly and inviting person ever! And talking of very friendly, lovely people, I was surrounded by them on this day, as on the other side of me was Genevieve of Bug Pop! Two very different craft stalls to mine, so very complimentary I think, Queen Bug Pop can be seen here behind her stall, a stall to be proud of me thinks!

Bug Pop Handmade Jewellery Stall

Bug Pop Handmade Jewellery Craft Stall

Queen Bug Pop also has a Facebook page, and a shop on Etsy where you can purchase her very unique and interesting jewellery, lots of one of a kind stuff don’t you know, well worth checking out!

So, how did my day go I hear you ask? Well, to be honest, not as well as I had hoped. It being the last weekend before Christmas I really had high hopes of this, being placed on one of the busier shopping streets in Liverpool, I really thought we would get the footfall up the stairs and buying our lovely handmade wares. Sadly it didn’t turn out that way. Why, I’m not entirely sure to be honest, which is slightly frustrating as when you don’t know these things you can’t very well make adjustments for next time. If anyone has any ideas then please do shout up in the comments! Anyway, never one to be put down by a poor sales day, I picked myself up and prepared for the next day of selling which would be at The Great Kazimier Yuletide White Elephant Bizarre on the Sunday – a fair I had done extremely well at in 2010 and had high hopes for also… next blog post will be about this.

Until then my friends, keep on crafting and buying handmade, much love xxx

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  1. What fun booth spaces! I absolutely love those crochet cozies.

    As for not doing as well as you hoped, that’s pretty much how every craft show I did over the holiday season went for me too. I’m starting to think it hasn’t been the best year for anyone. šŸ˜¦

    • Aww Megan, you too hey? I’m sorry to hear that! It would be great to dig out some of the people who did do well though, see what they did differently to us, perhaps it’s a matter of pricing, perhaps a matter of certain items selling better than others, or perhaps people just aren’t so willing to part with their money anymore – even at Christmas! Best of luck to you and your shop and all your endeavors you no doubt have planned for 2012 xxx


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