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Hi there! First of all I must apologise for the gap in between my last blog post and this one, I got a little busy, then I went off on holiday to Cyprus, and since I have been back I’ve had numerous little projects on! I’ve been dying to get back to my blog writing so whilst I have found myself with some time to spare, I thought I would finally get in the third of my three inspirational craft stall displays series.

Found on the very useful and interesting flickr group that is Arts & Crafts Fairs & Shows, this sellers stall caught my attention because of it’s shabby chic charm, and one particularly great photo of a picture frame, re-purposed into a shelf for displaying small items. The stall is owned by Taradara, who sells beautifully sewn gadget covers, cosys, purses and wrist cuffs with such fantastic detail and creativity, you simply must go take a look at her Etsy shop!


Tara recently won recently won the 2011 Moms in Business Unite Inventor Showcase for her iPad covers


This is the great shelf I was telling you about in action on Taradara's craft stall, doesn't it look great?!

Another thing that is great about this stall is that the name appears, way up high, for everyone to see, which is great if you can do this, because when people are walking around a venue, if you stand out, they’ll gravitate your way. Also, and obviously, if people see your name on your stall, they will know what to search on google should they decide actually, I do want to buy from that shop, but the event is over. I can’t believe the amount of craft stalls I have seen without a nice BIG banner, and as Tara proves here, you don’t have to go down the vinyl or fabric banner route, there are other ways of spelling your name out!

Taradara Craft Stall Signage

I love the way having the letters inside circles makes the name looks like it's on giant buttons!

Taradara’s stall also has some great furniture as part of the display, which I think helps in it all looking established. Obviously on the occassion in the photographs here, Taradara has had a full gazeebo space to play with, not just a table like the people I have written about previously, but this is one of the reasons I have chosen to feature this stall. A while ago I did a a few posts on my experiences of selling at a festival, and at this festival I found myself with a lot more space to fill than normal, and do you know what? It’s hard coming up with ideas for how to fill that space whilst making sure people can stil move around freely without knocking off any of your things and see everything in it’s best light, and I think Tara has done an excellent job of using this space.

Taradara handmade craft gazeebo interior

These items of furniture will sure make sure that everything is kept on a nice sturdy surface!

Taradara Etsy Shop Image

Don't forget to take a trip over to Taradara's Etsy shop, perhaps there is something there that would make the perfect handmade Christmas gift for the special someone?!

Ok, so now you have had a little insight into some other sellers stalls, and I’ve been away for quite a while, what have you all been up to?! Christmas is coming, craft events will be getting more frequent I’m sure, so what wonderful ideas are you having about your display?! Please do come discuss in the comments, I’m really interested to hear what people are doing!

I would like to say once again a massive thank you to the three sellers that very kindly allowed me to use their images and write about their craft stalls, it’s been a pleasure and I really hope these posts have brought some inspiration to some fellow crafters out there xxx

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  1. I love, love love the shelf and the colors of your booth. thanks for sharing

  2. thesockgarden

     /  November 11, 2011

    There are some really good ideas here – the picture framed shelf is so clever. Next on my list must definitely be finding a way of getting my shop name up high, that’s a good observation of it being a draw from a distance – hadn’t thought of it but you’re right, not so many people do it which means if you’re one of the few then your stall will stand out more. Thanks for sharing & have a good weekend. Shaz x

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my lil’ ol’ booth! I look forward to reading about the other ones you have in the line up!
    xo Tara


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