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For those of you just joining, I am currently in the process of featuring some sellers on my blog that I have found to have wonderful craft stall displays. It’s a feature I am really enjoying doing as it is great to see what creative things people come up with, and it’s put me in touch with some really lovely people.

So, to continue from where I left off, next in my search for great craft stall displays I came across OddSox. Like Crinoline from my last post I found the great pictures of the OddSox stall on the Arts & Crafts Fairs & Shows Group page on Flickr.


Shaz was really kind in her reply to my request to use the photos of her shop, and had some great comments on the subject of craft stall design:

“It can certainly be a nightmare trying to get the right display balance – I’ve tried all kinds of things but I think this is my best effort so far and suits my products quite well. It usually gets good customer feedback.


As you can see, Shaz uses height on her stall, lifting the little creatures up to eye level, and in a way that also means there is still space on the table itself for other items.

I watch how people look at stalls and I’ve noticed that if you can find a way of dividing things up a bit (both vertically and horizontally), customers translate it in a similar way, almost ‘discovering’ a new section and digesting it before moving on to the next bit.

I don’t like spending lots of money on things like display so I’m always on the lookout for DIY solutions. The unit on the right of the pic with bunnies & owls is actually an old set of kids plywood drawers that a friend gave to me. I painted them in cream & fill the drawers with creatures to transport them and then take the drawers out & stack them for display – works a treat!


With the stock on the OddSox stall being so wonderfully colourful, the table cloth in black is all that is needed for a simple back drop, anything too crazy and it might have detracted from the items themselves.

I love that Shaz is also a fan of making things for her craft stall, it’s a theme I’m starting to see, and so it should be really, we’re all creative people after all and there are so many things out there perfect for the purpose all ready and waiting to be recycled or re-purposed. I find myself peering into skips when I walk down the street to see if there is anything to be salvaged, or wondering around my house in the lead-up to a craft stall wondering if there is anything that could live a second life on my display.

If seeing these pictures of Shaz’s cute little creations made from socks has you itching to give one of these little fellers a home, then you can find them in her Folksy shop, where there is now a whole new range of Christmas items, so adorable!

oddsox shop screenshot folksy

What great things have you found or made that have come in handy for your craft stall? Leave a comment and tell us exactly how creative you got! I’m on the look out for some really cool mannequin heads or a way of making my polystyrene ones a bit more interesting, I’m sure I’ll be telling you more about that soon!

A huge thank you to Shaz for letting me use her craft stall photos, and for taking the time to write about her experience of ideas for her display, it’s appreciated so much, and I wish you the best of luck with OddSox and The Sock Garden (Shaz’s blog to those of you who haven’t discovered it, it’s a great blog!). I’ll be back soon with another sellers stall for you all to have a nosy at, but until then, happy crafting!

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  1. thesockgarden

     /  September 29, 2011

    WOW Linzi, thank you, what a super write-up! I’m sure your series of blogs will be really useful for us craft stall folk to follow. The more hints, tips & comments the better. I found this blog about polystyrene head decorating that you might find interesting, I hope you let us see your pics when you’ve decided what to do with them – that sounds like an exciting project!

  2. Ooo thank you OddSox, I had actually started decorating one of my heads with the same technique! Great minds think alike hey! I printed out a load of fabric textures and started gluing them on, takes a lot more time than I thought it would though!

  3. Ooh this is a really useful article- I especially think I will use the tip about dividing the space vertically and horizontally. I already use a perspex cake stand to divide things up a little bit, but this made me think I could do it more clearly. I will be rummaging about in a few skips this week I think!


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