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Some of you may remember a little while ago I wrote a “Craft Stall Design – Making the Most of Height” blog, as well as previous to that some “Festival First Timer Tips“, and a series of blog posts about “The Making of a Craft Stall“. These posts have all been very popular, and judging by the search terms bringing people to my blog, there is a whole load of crafter’s out there looking for more info on how to improve their display.

So, I have spent some time tracking down some images of some really great craft stall displays. Displays that put into practice maybe some of the things I have mentioned in my previous posts (like height for example) but also bring something more to the table, making inspirational and enticing displays which I hope, will help people come up with their own ideas for their own stalls.


Crinoline likes "turning little doodles into things you can wear". In her shop you will find the cutest little plushies ranging from owls to Day of the Dead sugar skulls.

The lady in the picture there is Jaime, who runs the shop Crinoline. I found pictures of Jaimes craft stall display in the Flickr group Arts & Crafts Fairs & Shows, where you can find oodles of images of the displays hundreds of crafts sellers have put together.


Here you can see the Crinoline Stall in its full glory, with the excellent use of colour for consistency, it's a really bright, fun display. I think it has a great amount of stock, uses height brilliantly and would certainly make me want to head over there and check it out.


I'm a sucker for handmade displays on handmade stalls, and this one is so super cute! Little paper mache tree stumps for the owls to perch in just sets a lovely scene, and it will I'm sure have been quite a cost-effective thing to do, showing that you don't have to spend a fortune on shop display items, in fact, making your own will quite often add SO much more personality and originality, I really don't see any reason why anybody should not give it a go!


Another great handmade display piece here on Crinoline's stall, but again Jaime has kept to her colour palette. It's also evident here that although there is a great wealth of stock on the stall, it's all really considered in terms of how neatly it is laid out and presented to the potential buyer. Things are easy to pick up and put back, and did you spot there, something very special indeed which, if you can, could really help your sales - she accepts card payments! Woo! A lady after my own heart!

I don’t know about you but Jaime’s approach to her stall with her handmade display pieces has certainly got me all inspired, everywhere I go now I’m wondering if inanimate objects could somehow be upcycled and turned into a display item, I’m wanting to create a whole little table top scene, or get messy with some old school arts and crafts techniques, taking me back to the days when I was a child and hopefully conjuring up childhood memories in my potential customers! Ooo!

Crinoline’s fabulous and fun items can be found in her online shop:

crinoline shop screenshot artfire

I would like to end this post by saying a MASSIVE thank you to Jaime for allowing me to use her craft stall pictures in my blog, it’s very much appreciated. If you would like to show you appreciation please do come comment and join in the discussion – if you need any help with your display, ask away! Or if you would like to share your pictures of your craft stall then please do get in touch, we’d love to see them!

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks again for the feature! The owl trees were made for a few dollars from baby formula cans and paper towel rolls, masking tape, homemade paper clay, and white acrylic paint. The ring display is a brown paper hand from the craft store glued to an upside down box lid (total cost about $4). I have to remind myself to make items to sell sometimes because I have so much fun making display pieces!

  2. thesockgarden

     /  September 29, 2011

    What a fabulous stall – incredibly eye-catching – there’s no way I’d be able to walk past this one! I love your innovative tree & of course those rather beautiful owl plushies!


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