Craft Stall Design – Making the most of height

In my Makings of a Craft Stall posts I mentioned that making the most of height on your craft stall would be really beneficial. On those posts I didn’t really go into detail as to ways you could go about this so I thought I would do this post to elaborate a little. Most craft stall tables are around 2 metres wide. Now, this is ample space for most people, if the space is used effectively, and adding height is a great way to do this.

What you don’t want though is the very items providing the height for your table to be taking up space on the very table you’re trying to get the most out of. So, what you need are some display items which reach high, but have a small footprint. The tree I had my Dad make for me was perfect for this – I could still display items at the foot of it but it got me SO much more space to hang things from and was nice and tall so people could see my stall from across a room.

Now, depending on what you’re selling, there are many ready-made trees that could be used for a display already out there, here are a few:

Woodland Happy Tree Display Shelf Baltic Birch Edition

Woodland Happy Tree Display Shelf Baltic Birch Edition from Graphicspaceswood

Circuitree Jewelry Tree (custom colour) - acrylic jewellery storage rack
Circuitree Jewelry Tree (custom colour) – acrylic jewellery storage rack from Weaselfactory
Manzanita Branch- 3' Sanded Natural Manzanita with Wooden Box Stand from Meghanstonedesigns

Manzanita Branch- 3' Sanded Natural Manzanita with Wooden Box Stand from Meghanstonedesigns

There are of course ways other than trees to bring height to your stall. Some ideas may be:

  • Having a board that you can clamp onto the back of the table from which you can hang things
  • Constructing s frame that will fit onto a typical craft stall table, from which you can hang items – perhaps hung from string with pegs like a little washing line!
  • Using varying sized boxes to create a step effect. This is used often but I’m not sure it’s the most efficient way to use the space as the box on the bottom often takes up so much space on the table you have to be quite careful that you’re not actually losing space by doing this
  • Having a table top mannequin
  • If you know you’re going to be up against a wall, see if you can hang things on the wall somehow!
  • Picture frames – great as they often have their own stand at the back (so no need to clamp to your table) and if you can get them big enough (say A3 or bigger) and they have a pretty frame, they can be really good for hanging things in or from – use your imagination!
  • Old wooden crates – the kind you might get veg in. These are great turned on their side and used like shelving as you can put things inside and on top of them. Even better if you paint them to match the colours of your brand

Wooden veg crates

  • If this would be allowed at the particular event you’re thinking of attending, then how about one of those old fashioned room dividers put behind where you sit at your stall to hang things from as a little backdrop to your display?

Room Divider Example

  • Hanging your sign – if you have a gazebo or the location allows for it, then rather than hang you sign on your table, can you hang it above your table?
  • Suitcases – either lay flat on the table full of items with the lid of it used as part of the display, or turned on their side to use both halves as a display, suitcases can be a really fun way (and handy to lug your stuff around in!) of playing with height on your stall. There are some REALLY nice vintage ones out there in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours, so if they will suit your products, they might be your perfect craft stall companion
Vintage Blue and White Luggage Set

Vintage Blue and White Luggage Set from Ottertales

I’m sure there are a gazillion other items you can use as part of your craft stall display to bring height to it, the trick is think outside the box, keep an eye out for things that might be used in different ways to what they were intended, look around at how other people have done it – there’s a fab group on flickr where people post pics of their craft stall displays, click here to go have a look. You must be creative to have a craft stall in the first place so just expand your creative thinking outside of your usual circles and put it to the test with your display, have fun with it, take pictures, have trial runs, ask for feedback, try something wacky, but please, make sure whatever you do is going to be safe! We don’t want any displays toppling down on your customers!

So, what’s the best craft stall display you have ever seen? Do you have any pictures of it?! What ideas do you have for getting height into your display?! Please do come share in the comments!

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