Sale Madness

After returning from Eden Festival I was a little defunct from not selling as much stock as I would have liked. My online sales seem to have dried up a lot, and I was feeling (even though Eden did go well) a little sad about the future of my shop. Then on Wednesday evening I had a moment of madness, and I thought, do you know what, it would probably be beneficial to my shop for me to just put all my items on a massive sale. At least that way there might be more chance of there being people out there wearing my stuff for others to see. I may only cover costs, not time spent, but at least it would be a good measure of whether people like my products and just think the pricing is a bit high (marked by the sale doing well), or I’m simply not hitting the right target market (sale not making slightest bit of difference). There is always the niggling thought in the back of my mind that perhaps people just don’t like my things as much as I do, but we’ll brush that thought under the carpet ;p

linziloop 50% off sale image

So, I went through my Etsy shop first of all and put all my items except those which are very new or custom made on a 50% SALE! That’s a LOT of my items. It’s scary, reducing the cost by 50% on some items means I don’t even cover the costs of materials, never mind time spent, which ordinarily I would be very against doing, but  I just have to get this stock moving. I have new stuff I haven’t photographed yet, and ideas for so much more, so I need the room!

It’s a good time of year to be promoting though – many shops do “Christmas in July” sales, so people are looking out for bargains and shops taking part in this. So it seems right, for me, at this time. Who knows if I’ll ever do anything like this again,  but I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! My Folksy shop will shortly follow with the same savings, it just takes a bit longer to put things on sale on Folksy.

So if there was ever anything you fancied in my shop, now would be the time to buy it, my Christmas in July 50% off sale extravaganza! Wish me luck!

Click here to go to the sale section of my Linziloop Etsy Shop!

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