Pirate Pictures!

It’s not very often I get photos back from customers wearing the things I have made for them, which is a shame cos I do like to have a good nose, but I can totally understand, can’t say I’ve ever sent anyone I’ve bought anything off a picture of me using it, no matter how much I loved it! Nonetheless, I always say when people buy my dreads especially if they have a photo they would like the share with me then I would love to see!

On this occasion, I was especially excited at the prospect of perhaps one day seeing a photo as the dreads I had made for this particular customer were for a pirate costume, and I LOVE a good pirate costume. And I wasn’t by any means disappointed, check this boy out!

Jak Chaos dreads by LinziloopJak Chaos Linziloop Dreads

It’s great to see the dreads I made contribute towards such a great costume and I would just like to say a huge thank you to Jakalus for trusting in me to make his dreads and providing me with such great photos xxx

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