The makings of a craft stall – Part 3

This will be my third  of four posts in my ‘making of a craft stall’ series. The craft stall is now done and dusted, and I feel I have some valuable information to share with newbies to it all like myself, so please, read on!

In my last post I mentioned the risk assessment form – well, it turns out, if there were grades given for filling out risk assessment forms I would have got an A, yay! So that’s good to know, they’re really not as scary or as difficult as they may at first look. Check back to post number 2 if you would like a little more info on this, or please do feel free to get in touch.

I believe I last left you at the point where I was about to get on with making a sign for my craft stall. My original idea was to make some signs out of foam board and cut them out in the shape of clouds, dotting them around my table to make it look that bit more special and inviting. Sadly with time constraints and a few ‘technical difficulties’ this didn’t quite materialise but I did manage to design a couple of signs quickly and mount them on foam board for that professional look (and still handmade!)

Linziloop Craft Stall Signs

It was a pure fluke that the signs happened to fit nicely inside the vintage suitcase I use in my display!

Another task on my list was to sew up the fabric I had as my table-cloth – I had bought about 4 metres of red and white gingham which is far too long for one table, and a little bit to narrow to hang right down the front.  So I chopped it in half and sewed the two pieces together to make a bigger width. On Friday, my new embroidered labels arrived, so a LOT of Saturday night was spent sewing those into my items – thankfully this worked by sewing machine I realised after doing two by hand and thinking I wasn’t going to get through it alive! Ok, slight exaggeration but it was pretty time-consuming and I had left it pretty late so I’m sure you can imagine to stress levels bubbling at that point 😉

Linziloop labels

I thoroughly recommend getting some tag for your items (if applicable). They made my items instantly more professional looking, and if it is bought as a gift and the recipient likes it, they'll always know where to get more 😉

After giving my tree a lick of white paint, making sure all my items had price tags on, packing them up along with all the other bits and bobs I had deemed absolutely necessary (double-sided tape, pins, tissue paper, bags, business cards, flyers, polystyrene heads etc.), I realised I had forgotten to sort my float money out – argh! Dad to the rescue once more! Off I went to raid his change bottle so I wouldn’t be stuck looking for somewhere open on a Sunday morning. Thanks god for parents who stay up late hey?! What would I do if my first customer turned up with a £20 note and wanted to buy something for a fiver?!

Thinking everything was sorted, I then remembered the clocks went forward! Soooo, it wasn’t 12:30am like I thought, technically, it was 1:30am, and I had to be up in 6 hours – yawn! Oh well, I’ve survived a day on much less sleep! And I had my friend Marlene to help me, and with 3 beautiful kids, shes the queen of surviving on no sleep!

Photo of Marlene :)

My glamorous assistant Marlene modelling the headband I made especially for her 🙂

One thing I can recommend to anyone doing a craft stall – take a flask of tea and a packed lunch. If you’re lucky like me, you’re boyfriend will even make that lunch for you (with a few disapproving grunts) while you have your breakfast and panic about having forgotten something important. It’s hard to find the ‘right time’ to get away from your stall for a spot of lunch, and I noticed so many people just seemed to go without, and that seems silly when with just a little preparation you can avoid the stress of that.

9:00am Sunday morning and I had packed everything into the car (again, with help of sleepy-eyed boyfriend) and had one last check down my list. I had everything, I was ready!

Come back soon for my fourth and final post about the day itself, my conversations with people, what I thought worked and didn’t,  how my stall looked, and if all this preparation paid off in the end!

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