The makings of a craft stall – Part 2

So, last week I left you at about the point I passed my Dad my piece of  MDF with my tree design sketched out on it. My to do list was longer than Rapunzel’s hair, and still is, and I was getting quite excited. Well, I’m still quite excited but as the date creeps ever closer those nerves are setting in too!

Linziloop Craft Stall To Do List

Did I miss anything?!

So with my main feature of my stand in the hands of my trusty Dad, my attention turned to the risk assessment form I had been asked to fill in. I’d never even seen a risk assessment form, let alone filled one in. The event organisers were very nice in their emails and said I could ask them any questions if I found the form to be a bit daunting. I opened up the form and immediately thought “oh heck”.

I closed it and came back to it THREE times. I started to write the event organisers an email and then thought to myself, no, come on Linzi, it can’t be that hard. And do you know what? It really wasn’t. The event organisers had already filled in the first three things which are relevant to anyone with a table at the event. All I could think of that I had specifically that would pose any hazard at all was this tree I’ve been harping on about. So I filled it in explaining that the tree has a sturdy base, will sit at the back of the table, has no sharp edges and is essentially quite a low risk item. And that was it, done! I hope! Hehe! I’ll be sending the form off in the next couple of days so I shall let you know if there are any hiccups! If you would like to see the form as I received it, so you can see what kind of things are expected, please use this link: Risk Assessment Form – Table.

Form filled in, I turned my attention back to the more creative side of running my stall. At the moment I have a few items in my online shops which are on sale. For a while I have wanted some kind of basket to put these items in, with a little sign on to draw attention to these bargain items. At the weekend I visited some friends up in Cumbria. Out on our travels we came across a little shop, and outside this shop, inside, downstairs, upstairs, everywhere – there were lots and lots of wicker baskets! Hoorah! After MUCH deliberation I picked one out that I thought would look lovely and be just the right size.

My lovely chosen handmade basket

It's very pretty isn't it?

Linziloops Friends

And here's a picture of those lovely friends I mentioned I was visiting, aren't they pretty!?

Upon arriving back home from my little trip to Cumbria, I decided I would go see how my display tree was getting on. I went to my mum and dads and popped into the garage, where stood proudly was my completed (with extra bits!) tree! And it looks amazing! I was grinning from ear to ear. My Dad had even put a lick of undercoat on it so all it needs now is one more coat of white paint and it will be ready for my table! Check it out!

Linziloop Handmade Tree Display

Handmade Tree Shape Hanging Display

I think we should go into business making these, whaddya reckon!? I might never have a table in future and just have a whole forest of these trees, all different sizes with my creations hanging from their branches!

So it’s Wednesday night, the craft fair is on Sunday and I still have PLENTY to do, my shop needs a sign for one! I have an idea for that…all will be revealed, we’ll see if it works out! Part 3 coming soon folks, thanks for reading!

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  1. Faye

     /  March 25, 2011

    Not so sure about those mates of yours!! 😉 xxx

  2. I love your entry about making craft stalls more exciting. I hope its Ok but I have added a link to your blog on my site as I am writing a tutorial about craft stall display. Let me know if it isn’t and I can remove it. Love your site! Amanda xx

    • Hi there, thank you very much, that’s really great feedback. And nope, no problem at all with you linking to my blog – just the kind of thing i love! Thanks again and do let me know when that tutorial is up, I would love to have a read!

  1. The makings of a craft stall – Part 3 | Linziloop

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