What has Linziloop been up to?

Happy New Year! Ok, ok, it’s a tad late i will admit but I’ve been a busy little bee i have, and it’s not about to stop hehe! So, what have i been up to i hear you ask?! Well, after the Right Said Thread Market in December i was all full of inspiration and my pockets were a little heavier from selling a very pleasing amount of things.  So off i went to the wool shop to buy some new colours and got to making. Lots of relatives had asked for me to make them something for Christmas so i had quite a lot of crocheting to do, but it was very enjoyable and i made some things i had never attempted before that turned out really well! I also had quite a few things to list that i had made in preparation for the market that i didn’t sell. Here are some examples of the new things you will find in my shop currently:

Honeysuckle meets purple crochet earflap hat

Honeysuckle meets purple crochet earflap hat

Woodland Pixie Crochet Hood

Woodland Pixie Crochet Hood

Honeysuckle Pink Crochet Chain Scarf

Honeysuckle Pink Crochet Chain Scarf

Wooly Mammoth Oddly Matching Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Wooly Mammoth Oddly Matching Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Hope you like what you see! So, other than that, would you like to see some photos of the Right Said Thread Market?! Click here or on the image below and you will be taken to the whole album!

Right Said Thread Handmade and Vintage Market Photos

Right Said Thread Handmade and Vintage Market Photos

I’m giving some thought to doing another Right Said Thread market, everyone seemed really pleased with the turnout. If you’re a handmade artist/crafter/ seller of vintage wonders then do please get in touch if you are at all interested in taking part in a Right Said Thread Market – we’re in Liverpool, and we have a facebook page too.

Back to Linziloop – I’ve made a little pact with myself that i will do my utmost to make and list one item per week on my Folksy/Etsy shops. So far I’ve managed it but we’re only in the second week so we shall see how that goes! Starting the year off well i noticed today that my purple wrist warmers are one of the featured items on the front page of Folksy today! That felt great!

I could go on, but i think I’ve said enough for now, i shall leave you on peace. Go make yourself a nice brew, have a browse through the great items on Folksy and Etsy (I’m sure you know someone with a birthday coming up soon, or perhaps do some early browsing for valentines day?!) and be inspired to try something new, it’s a new year afterall…

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  1. Cari

     /  February 4, 2011

    Hi there! Loving the ear-flap hat – wondering if you have a pattern I could see? I’d love to make one! 🙂

    • Hi there! Thanks! Sorry i don’t have a pattern, I don’t follow patterns, everything is made up as i go along xxx


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