Folksy Friday – Button Up!

Those of you who frequent the Folksy forums may already know this but this week i had three (of five!) buttons fall off my cardigan so i was on the hunt for some new ones. Well, in doing this I may have inadvertently begun a new obsession with fabric buttons – there are so many beautiful, quirky designs it just makes me want to rip the buttons off all of my clothes and give them all some new improved versions! All handmade by some great sellers on Folksy, here are my picks of the best (which were very, very difficult to choose, i might add, as there were SO many amazing designs).

Handmade Fabric Buttons - What a Hoot

Fabric Buttons - What a Hoot from Amanda's Attic - who i can't BELIEVE hasn't got any sales yet, as this shop is amazing, I'm sure you'll see a visit from the sales fairy very soon!

Handmade Fabric Buttons - The I Love Spring Ones

Fabric Buttons - The I Love Spring Ones from The Blue Kitteh, who also has a great selection of other items in their shop from hair clips to purses.

Handmade Fabric Buttons - Funky Stripes

Funky Stripes Fabric Buttons from I Love Red, where you will also find some wonderful batik paper and other bright and colourful items.

Handmade Fabric Buttons - Liberty

Liberty Fabric Buttons by Cwtch, a shop that has a lovely girly, flirty and fun appearance with some great feedback from already sold items.

Handmade Fabric Buttons - Blue Forest Parade

Blue Forest Parade Fabric Buttons from Mollimoo, who's shop banner i love (cute bee!) and whose shop is sure to have a button for everyone from skulls to flowers!

That’s it from me this week, I’m off to check my bank account to see how many buttons i can afford and to start taking all those boring ones off my clothes already hehe!

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  1. There’s some gorgeous finds! Thanks a lot, the owls just about killed me!

  2. That’s fantastic! Thank you so much for featuring my buttons! xx

  3. Thanks for including my buttons. Lovely selection! Jo


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