Folksy Friday – Autumn Approaches

This past week I’ve started to notice the leaves turning their warm autumn shades, and a slight chill in the air when i leave the house in the morning. Autumn is my favourite season, the colours are beautiful, cold sunny crisp days are perfect for walking through the park kicking leaves, and the slight cold means i can start dragging out my winter warms and piling on the scarfs and gloves which i love so much. We’re not quite in the full swing of Autumn just yet, but there’s certainly a sniff of it in the air…

So this week my Folksy Friday is all Autumn themed, found some really beautiful items this week, some from sellers waiting their first sale, some from sellers i have not seen before but i am glad i found! Hope you enjoy:

Vintage fabric floral handbag

Grace handbag - vintage floral, Made by Loulabelle

Maxi Dress

Boho maxi skirt/dress from Resa Smith

Autumn gold quilt

Autumn gold quilt from Mammaquilt

Autumn leaf door hanging

Red autumn leaf stained glass window hanging from Dormouse Studio

Autumn Leaf Pendant

Autumn leaf pendant from Aiden Craft Designs

That’s all my picks for this weeks Folksy Friday, i hope you find something you like, and if you would like to browse through some of the handmade items i make then please do visit my linziloop shop, hope to see you again next week, thanks for reading!

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  1. i very nearly featured one of those maxi dresses this week too….gorgeous colour choices…i want the bag!! 😀
    have a lovely weekend
    Kellie (itsthelittlethings)

  2. Love Autumn and the changes in the leaves!!!

    Love that glass leaf by Doormouse Studio! Amd how did you manage to find a picture of me modelling!?! I wish! LOL!

    Natalie x

  3. I LOVE the handbag. I think I will have to favourite it and hint that I want it for my birthday!!

  4. OoOoo gorgeous 🙂 Thanks for including my skirt! xxx

  5. Wow, I love that maxi dress – gorgeous! Some really lovely picks, well done 🙂

  6. Great choices! Gorgeous skirt/dress and striking leaf too

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