Never fear, Linzi’s here!

Now i know most of you will not be quivvering in fear wondering where the heck I’ve been and when I’m coming back, but just incase, i thought I’d pop along to my blog and just let you all know i am still here, I’m just really really busy and also have plans to have a little week long break from making things, cos well, it’s about time!

So as you may have noticed, there haven’t been any Folksy Friday blog posts for a while and if you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you may well be thinking I’ve gone all quiet. Don’t worry – things are ticking along nicely behind the scenes,

For now, may i occupy you with showing you some of my favourites from not Folksy, but Etsy?! I do sell on Etsy too and it is a wonderful place….I’ll let the pictures do the talking…no theme, just a little snippet of the kind of things i like:

P.S. – If any of my lovely readers are on Twitter, do leave me a link to your Twitter page as I’m looking for some new people to follow! Lovely stuff 😀

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  1. Gorgeous finds. I love the cuff and the block robot made me smile. That glass bowl is amazingGemxxx


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