Folksy Friday – The Fibonacci Sequence (and the golden ratio)

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… Can you work out the sequence? It’s the Fibonacci sequence, discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci, and this week my fascination with the numerical series and the beauty in the natural forms the fibonacci sequence and golden ratio can be found in, is being visualised in my Folksy Friday picks. There are many sources on the internet that can explain how the fibonacci sequence relates to natural forms far better than i can, so i won’t go into too much detail, as it would be a whole blog post in itself. All i will say is that it is fascinating and i urge you to go find out a little more – you will be amazed! I will post some good learning resources at the end of this blog post – well, i don’t want you running away to find out all about it before seeing the lovely things i have found!

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One of the many items of nature that will come up when looking at the relation the fibonacci numbers and golden relation have to natural forms, is the pine cone. This little garden ornament from Feyth has a pine cone one top of his head, his only job is to make you smile and he certainly did that for me!

The sequence can be found in how some plants and flowers grow. A stunning example of this is obvious in this flower on this card made by Diddly Designs. I also love the colour of this design, it makes it really eye catching and would make a great greeting card for many occasions.

Even the delicate intricate pattern on the wings of a dragonfly can relate to this mathematical sequence. this dragonfly necklace from DecadeDesign caught my eye because of the striking colours and simmering texture.

The sequence can also be found in the spiral of a shell, again one of the most common examples you will find when reading about the subject of the fibonacci numbers and golden ratio. Shells are fascinating forms and textures and this painting by Cat Salter reflects this.

Another thing you might see a lot of when talking about the fibonacci sequence and nature is the sunflower. The middle of a sunflower (seed head) has the most amazing spiral pattern which perfectly illustrates the golden ratio in action. This bag by Bags of Inspiration may not have that same seed head pattern but it’s certainly still an eye catching bag for any sunflower loving person! 

Now, that’s the end of my picks for this week but do i have you intrigued about the fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio? Honestly, its not that hard to understand so i do urge you to go check it out, you will be fascinated and may look at nature in a fresh way!

Some links to help you on your way:

Nature by numbers – a video showing a visual representation of how geometry and nature combine.

Golden ratio in human body – a video giving a good introduction to the fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, and how it can be applied to the measurements of the human body

Fibonacci number – if you want to get into the real nitty gritty of the mathematics behind it all, this wikipedia page is a pool of knowledge

Fibonacci sequence illustrated by nature – a great mix of pictures and text to explain it all

Oh and if you’re feeling inspired to make something related to the fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio – please do show me whatever you make i will be really interested in seeing, I’m looking into some fibonacci crochet hehe! We’ll see if that works out! Thank you for reading (i know i can go on!), and I hope to see you again next week.

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  1. This is my most favourite Folksy Friday theme! Ever!x

  2. OMG! such a great post and so well thought out…always been a fan of Cat Salters art work…have a great weekend xx

  3. Great topic. Gorgeous picks. Love the sunflower bagGemxxx

  4. WOW – that's all I can think of to say.Lizx

  5. Fab theme!! Bet no ones done that one before!! Lovely items! Dragonfly is beautifulMiax

  6. What a fabulous blog, well thought out and researched……..and thanks for featuring one of my photographs!

  7. This is a fantastic theme, I LOVE the fibonnaci sequence!!!! There is a huge stone sculpture at the Eden Project in Cornwall which was designed using it, and I literally spent hours looking at it.Award for best Folksy Friday Theme def goes to you!!!!x

  8. hmmm never heard of this before, thanks for the enlightenment and i will definitely be looking in to it 🙂

  9. How interesting, I'm off to investigate. Thanks:)

  10. Quincifer – I took that photo at the Eden Project of the purple flower what a coincidence that you should mention it!

  11. I've seen the sculpture at the Eden Project too, i was amazed by it, took tonnes of photos hehe! It was amazing how it was made.

  12. I love your theme and thanks for the links, I've been wanting to look at fibonacci with the kids so I'll check out the links


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