Folksy Friday – An Apple a Day

It may be a bit of a tenuous link to my Folksy Friday this week, but bear with me! I bought a Macbook Pro you see, and I’m very excited about it arriving, I’ve wanted my own for many years, and finally I took the leap. It’s an expensive leap, but for me, it will be worth it. I’ll do all my graphic design work on it afterall, plus I’ll be able to work outside in the lovely sunshine we’ve been having whilst i do it, instead of working inside like I’m doing just now! In fact, if it hadn’t have been sunny last weekend, i probably wouldn’t have even thought about the possibility, so i blame the sun! So obviously Apple make the Macbook pro, and that’s where my inspiration for this weeks Folksy Friday comes from, i didn’t want to do laptop themed, that seemed far to obvious, so Apple it is!

Click on the picture to be taken to the item within the sellers shop.

With the same title as my Folksy Friday this week, this ‘an apple a day’ cushion by Heart Zeena has the most amazing attention to detail, from the beautifully executed screenprinting to the stitched heart on the reverse. Available with either a red apple or a green apple (another little quirk i think is great), ‘Audrey’ (the name of the pillow!) would make a great accessory to any home for years to come i am sure.

Another item with fabulous attention to detail is this polished apple apron from ‘made by loumms‘, it converts into a handy bag too so it gets two thumbs up from me! As Loumms says “Be the talk of the allotment, the envy of your local yarn shop, the sensation at the next Shopkeepers’ Guild meeting – or just rock it in the kitchen with this snazzy number” – it would be greatly versatile, a great gift for any cook, crafter, gardener and market stall owner. Loads more great things available in the shop too.

Love apples but always getting them out of your bag to find they look like they’ve been in a few rounds of a boxing match? Then buy a little cosy to keep it safe! Available from Rosie Plumpton, in different colours if green isn’t your thing, you can get one of your five a day without needing to hack part of it off first. Lovely little button addition, and washable too. Now if i can find something for bananas that never survive the trip to work in my bag, we’ll have a winning combo!
This little tea cosy from Gingham Designs would look right at home on the worktop of a country kitchen, made from Laura Ashley fabric and available in different colours. Anything tea related is always a great thing in my book as I’m such a fan of a good cuppa! There’s also versions with cake on, and they’re really cute! Keep em coming Gingham Designs, they’re all great! 
Before i go off to make myself another brew after that last item, i have one more. It’s this childrens colouring wallet from Fashion Cake. I tell you, i wish i had one of these when i was a kid, i was really obsessive about looking after my pencils and would spend literally hours at a time colouring in books in my room (actually, I’d still have one now!). It was like, my favourite thing ever, and as a graphic designer, it still kinda is! This would make the most perfect gift for any kid, big or small, and I’m sure you know at least one kid who loves colouring in! It’s so bright and fun, I’m sure all their friends will want one too.
That’s it from me this week, I’m now off to make a brew and continue to try and stifle the excitement about the delivery of my macbook pro… wooooo!!!! No more slow PC in the dark corner of the room! 
P.S – Apple surpassed Microsoft this week in terms of what their company is now worth, i reckon my purchase must have tipped the balance, i think they should give me freebies ;p
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  1. Lots of lovely apples there, I love the idea of an apple cosy! I got my Macbook Pro just before Christmas and it's transformed my life as I no longer need to sit at the desk to use the computer, so I can stay at it for longer – and it's so good to be able to take it with me when I go away.

  2. graet theme, love the apple cosy 🙂

  3. thank you for your lovely comments on my colouring wallet xx


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