Folksy Friday – Waste Not Want Not

“If you don’t waste things you are less likely to end up lacking” – perhaps the ethos of the below sellers, and rightly so as well! There is certainly nothing lacking in these designs, so often i see people turn their nose up at the idea of buying something recycled or upcycled, and i tell you, i would LOVE to see the looks on their faces when told this little lot was just that!

Click on the picture to be taken to the item within the seller’s shop.

If you’re the kind of person that suits a hat then this one is sure to be different to any you have already but will look equally as great if not better than the rest. And do you know what my favourite thing about it is? It’s made from the brim of an unwanted wool felt hat! Other amazing hats available at Hatastic!
I doubt you would want to put bird feed in this brilliant purse from Reddskinbags but the text does make for an excellent design feature and i also love the fabric that has been used to line it, compliments the rustic exterior beautifully. Opened up the text reads “Bold Type”, you may need to be the bold type to own this purse hehe!
Toggle may well become a regular on my Folksy Friday posts as i just live their shop, and seem to always end up back there when looking around Folksy. This laptop case has been made from an old shirt, I’m interested to see the many different uses people can come up with for old shirts and this is one of my faves! 

This purse is, believe it or not, made from plastic bags! A wonderful use for those wretched things, this purse caight my eye because of the victorian detail initially, and then i found out about it’s eco-friendliness and was completely chuffed with it! More upcycled items can be found in Pretty Green.

And lastly, this uber bright fascinator is made from upcycled sweet wrappers, so now i don’t have to feel so bad about all those sweets I will undoubtly eat at Christmas – so long as i pass them onto Tusen Takk hehe! More show stopping fascionators in a variety of colour options in their shop – do go check them out!
Well, that is it for this week. As for next week, I’m not sure if i will have the time to do a Folksy Friday, i have a LOT planned, but i will certainly try, don’t be too upset if i miss it, i will return the following week! Until then, if you would like small updates on my crafty adventures and much more then please do click on the twitter link up on the right there, I’m new to Twitter and would love some more friends!
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  1. I'm on Twitter, and have followed you!

  2. Great picks! Can't believe some of these are made from recycled items, they look fantastic.

  3. Great items, love the purse but they're all great! Di x

  4. Wow thanks for featuring my purse! I am in great company by the looks of it. Go recycling!

  5. Great mix of upcycled creations.

  6. Great choices as usual!! The bird feed purse is great, and I love everything Toggle!


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