Folksy Friday – FABric

This week i have been on the look out for some good fabrics for making some summer dresses and skirts out of after seeing the extortionate prices some very simple items are going for in certain highstreet stores “ahem *dorothy perkins* ahem”. I love a good quirky fabric that makes me smile and that will make up into a nice floaty piece that flatters my figure. If i do purchase any of the below fabrics i will be sure to post pictures of what i make up here! I’m spoilt for choice to be honest…they’re all great, i don’t know where to start! I’m off to Turkey in August so i have a few months to make myself a nice holiday collection, yay! 

So without further ado, here are my Folksy Friday FABrics (excuse the pun i couldn’t help myself):

Click on the picture to be taken to the item within the sellers shop….but please, leave some for meeeee!!!

From Batik Batik this African inspired design would surely be an eyecatching dress, it reminds me of the psy trance parties i go to, would fit in quite well at one of those…hmm outfits coming to mind already! Many more wonderful designs are in their shop where you will be mesmerised by the colours!

I love a bit of manga as well so when i saw this fabric from Uniquely Different it went straight into my favourites, I’m thinking it might suit a cute little skirt with big black waistband, there seems to be so much to see I’d probably sit there looking at it for half the day!
M is for make have many fabrics in their shop that i love, so it really was difficult to choose just one but the one i did keep on coming back to was this “Birds of Norway” fabric….maybe it’s because of the colours, maybe the detail, maybe the retro feel that it has, or maybe it’s because all the Norwegians I’ve ever met have been really nice, either way, i likes it a lot! I wonder if those birds are from Norway…
I must admit i have a bit of a soft spot for Alexander Henry fabrics so it would be insane for me not to include a seller who supplies these wonderful fabrics. That seller is no other than Celtic Fusion Fabrics, who are offering bundles of the fabric (or more if you require!) for those little projects this kind of fabric works so well for. It’s so nice…i wonder if i could even cut into it! 
And finally some of you may remember the Russian Dolls theme Folksy Friday i did a little while back, I think they’re really cute so this fabric from Tamsyn G would be perfect for me! I just love the way some of them are upside down along with the flowers, why would they do that?! Who knows but i love it! 
Once again that’s it for me this week, i hope you have found something you like and will come visit Folksy to see what else there is to offer, and if you have anything to offer in the way of handmade things, do come set up a shop, it really is a very nice place to do so!

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  1. oh I love the Manga material! So cool :DI've never seen anything like that.

  2. Celticfusions fabric is very eye catching! yip fabby picks :0)

  3. I love the african one!

  4. I wish I had more time (and a dummy) to make clothes. I need to buy duct tape and make one, and make less excuses, then I could pinch ideas from you to make me some fabby clothes! You should make some of those amazing trousers I attempted to make for you once! Lizi xxx

  5. Gorgeous fabrics! : ) x

  6. The first two fabrics are amazing, you should totally get them and make yourself something fabulous (and post photos if you do!). I used to sew but haven't in ages as I imagine that it takes so much effort, even though I know that every time I *do* get the sewing machine out, it's good fun and no effort at all. I need to get a grip, as handmade clothes are much more fun than store bought ones!

  7. Drooool……I want all of those gorgeous yummy fabrics……….wow! I'm toying with the idea of making myself a strapless dress/top. Have never made clothes before. Could be disastrous! Really want to do it but daren't quite get started! Heheh 🙂

  8. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!I have just bought some of the fabric from Uniquely different x

  9. all very nice pics! i love the russian dolls


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