Folksy Friday – In Bruges

I went to Bruges for a few days this week so i think the most suiting Folksy Friday for me to do would be one inspired by all things Bruges! Lace, chocolate, beer, bicycles and rain! Bruges is an absolutely beautiful place if you get the chance to go then do – it will inspire and delight you I’m certain of it. Made extra special by staying at the Double Door B&B where Junko and Pierre literally couldn’t have made us feel more welcome, in their stunning home where everywhere you look there’s something to see, and a breakfast that will get you beyond lunch! I will post some pictures of my stay in Bruges as soon as i have sorted through the hundreds i took – but for now, please enjoy my Folksy Friday inspired by the magical Bruges…

Click on the picture to be taken to the item within the shop.

Bruges has a bar which hosts over 400 beers – all from Belgium. I’m not a fan of beer myself but my boyfriend is so for him this was like being a kid in a sweet shop! Each beer has it’s very own glass or goblet. So, my first pick inspired by all the glasses and goblets i have seen is this listing by Bodrighy Wood for two wooden goblets, i think they’re lovely and would certainly be something novel to drink from!

It wouldn’t be a Bruges inspired Folksy Friday if i didn’t mention chocolate. Chocolate is sheer indulgence but it’s one of my favourite things! This chair by Sarah Louise Dix is something, with it’s £2000 price tag that would also be for more indulgence but just look at it, isn’t it amazing? With it’s chocolate brown laced up back and sumptuous vintage fabric i think it is absolutely divine.

Belgium is a country famous for it’s lace and Bruges was certainly not short of a lace shop or two! Lace can be seen as such an old fashioned thing (i remember my grandma having lace doily’s on the arms of her sofa and armchairs) but it seems to be making a come back into fashion at the moment with this new romantic trend hitting highstreet stores. This lace necklace from MademmolselleBonBon would be perfect for creating the romantic look and is so delicate is sure to be noticed.

Everyone cycles in Bruges, or so it seems. The streets or so flat and everywhere is within walking distance so it makes perfect sense, although the cobbled streets require a soft bouncy seat! I loved to see so much cycling it was so refreshing, although at times there were some near misses between bikes and pedestrians as tourists aren’t used to keeping an eye out for bikes! I’ve featured Mockinghorse in my Folksy Friday picks before but when i searched for “bicycle” and this came up – i just had to include it as it is exactly the kind of bike i have been seeing all over Bruges, with it’s little basket on front and guard on the chain!

All the time we were in Bruges it rained on and off, this didn’t spoil our visit in the slightest – the cobbled streets of Bruges have great charm even when soaked in the rain and as our boat driver said on our rainy tour along the canals – the rain creates a certain atmosphere! Most shops have a little bucket on the way in for your umbrella and the rain was never relentless so we got to take plenty of photos! This umbrella pin from Lost at sea would certainly brighten my day, a great alternative to the many felt pins you see on Folksy, made from walnut!

That’s it for my Folksy Friday this week, i hope you enjoyed it, and please don’t take this as all what Bruges has to offer, the medieval town is a maze of intriguing sites and finds, populated with so many characters, churches that ooze history and stories, museums for chocolate through to fries, pubs, restaurants, art, markets and antiques, all within walking distance.

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  1. I love that chair, it's fabulous. I'll have to start saving!!

  2. Sounds like you had a fab time and I love your Bruges inspired picks. The chair is stunning!

  3. Totally agree – Bruges is gorgeous & sooo clean! Really like the bicycle necklace. x

  4. Wonderful selection – and I've had my eye on that gorgeous chair for ages!Em ♥

  5. Ive looked at that chair numerous times, I love it sooooo much.

  6. Lovely selection, and yes, love the chair!pam

  7. Great picks, I've always wanted to go to Bruges so this has only increased my want to go there!!

  8. OOOh i want those goblets, cool finds and great brooch, :0)

  9. Thanks for featuring us, m’lovely! LOVING your blog too, so glad we stumbled upon it. 🙂


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