Folksy Friday – Designers Delight

As a graphic designer by day, crafter by night, I thought it about time to do a graphic design themed Folksy Friday and link my two loves together. This week is a selection of fun, bright and well executed design that i would be proud to have in my home.

Click on the picture to be taken to the item within the shop.

First up is this  “Crazy Head” print from Fluffy Thoughts. A shop full of items with illustrations by Dan Stanley, i love looking at the items as they all make me smile. This particular print is one of my favourites amongst the shop, can’t beat a monkey holding a pair of knickers while being sung to by a rabbit sharing space with some alien like tentacles and a ghost like creature eating a cupcake….in my humble opinion.

I put this next item in my favourites aaaaaages ago, and to be quite honest i was surprised to click on it this week to find it hadn’t been sold yet – it’s beautiful! It’s hard to pick just one item from Lucy’s Happy Place – do stop by and see her other items!
The funky little characters of The Knocking Shop do make me smile. Captain Scruff McScruff (2d) and Captain Jack Tomato (3d) have a great ability for design that’s for sure. They don’t really want to categorise what they’re about but (to quote them): “if you really must have a label then we guess it’s CountryFolkUrbanRetroLowbrowSeaside with a little bit of SandBanksy thrown in….. *Just in case you’re wondering, Cornish Knockers are the fairy folk/spirits that live down Cornish Tin Mines” It’s all very imaginative and right up my street….well, not literally of course as i doubt the Cornish Knockers venture to the streets of Liverpool – bit cold for the little blighters!
Owls seem to be the fashionable thing on the hand made scene at the moment, i bought myself some fantastic fabric last week featuring some and was rather chuffed with it – just need a project for it! But getting off the point there, this owl print by I like it, i think it’s nice caught my eye because of the extraordinary amount of detail – i could look at it for hours, hypnotised by its big eyes!
There must be literally billions of ipod cases on the market these days, and it would be hard to choose one, so much so i haven’t even got one for mine as i simply can’t decide. This one by Muju would be in my top 5 though for sure, I love their illustrations and their use of colour is fab. Plus with the padding it looks like one that would actually be of use to stop my pod coming to nay harm rather than just a pretty little coat that is of no practical use whatsoever. Hoorah!
I was about to finish my Folksy Friday blog post when i spotted this Waldo the worm book and it made me grin so i just had to include it. From The Nosuch Disco it is the main item from which all the other items in the shop are developed, so you can buy a Waldo the worm badge, a a scarf! Meant for kids i think it’s a great design collectable.

That’s it for this week but do tune in next week for some more Folksy Friday delights! I may have a couple more blog posts coming up soon too as i have some holiday time off work and have quite a few things planned! Watch this space!
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  1. I'm a fan of the knocking shop! love there ideas…cool picks :0)

  2. wowzers, great picks!

  3. lovely picks, I love the knocking shop characters, and the owl is beautiful,pam x

  4. Gorgeous choices – I love Fluffy Thoughts and Lucy's Happy Place! That ipod cover is fab too – if only I had an ipod to fill it ! x

  5. He he have you seen the knocking shops clotted cream mine – its ace. Fab finds x


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