Folksy Friday – Out of this World creations!

This week we take a trip out of this world with some nebulartastic splendiforous Folksy sellers. Inspired by an argument between two fellow colleagues at work on Wednesday over whether Luke Skywalkers light saber was blue or green i decided to go all Space themed, turns out there was quite a few things sat in my favourites just waiting to be picked – i do like a good sci fi item!

Click on the image to be taken to the item in the sellers shop.

I don’t think I’ve featured some artwork in a Folksy Friday so far so i thought it would be a good place to begin. I could gaze at this painting for hours with it’s globs of starry skies and interstellar wobblyness, and it’s 5x5 inches square so very cute! Those colours are magical too, nice work Kate Buckley!

A newcomer to the Folksy scene, The Black Kat Designs has created this space bubble bracelet which like the painting above, caught my eye because of all the swirly prettyness set within each bead. Tipped as an item which would look “good on the arm of any extra special terrestrial” – i couldn’t agree more!

Remember Men in Black and the cat had the galaxy on his collar (“the galaxy is on Orion’s belt”)? Well this reminded me of that – it has such depth to it, a wonderfully pretty bottle stopper from SteamPunk Glass, sure to be the envy of all your party guests!

Another part of Folksy which is not often represented in my Folksy Fridays is the “supplies” section. How would you fancy knitting your very own space monsters like the critters below? You would?! Well you can! Just purchase this very reasonably priced knitting pattern from Periwinkle Park and get to making! If any of you do have a go, be sure to comment on this post with a link to a picture of your creation!

If you are going to knit your own space monster then you will surely need some space knitting needles? These star topped knitting needles from PennyDog Jewllery are made from resin, with lots and lots of cosmic glitter set into them to add that extra sparkle bound to add some more enjoyment into your knitting.

And finally, Star Wars started all this so it will finish it too! One for the guys (another Folksy Friday rarity), these Storm Trooper cuff links from Bits and Badges would make the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan in your life. And maybe they could settle the blue/green light saber question…I reckon he had both.

Drop back next week for more Folksy Friday picks from more stars of the crafty world. Until then, may the force be with you…

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  1. Pretty sure it was green … the light saber, that is! Loving the space knitting needles!

  2. Fantastic choices for Folksy Friday!

  3. Love that pink gloopy painting & the nutty space knits!

  4. Fantastic Folksy Friday. Loving steampunks bottle stopper. I have flower one from them and it is fab. There is more lampwork choices on my Folksy friday if you fancy stopping by.

  5. Love the bottle stopper, not sure we have anything left in the bottle to stopper though ;-0)

  6. Periwinkle parks' patterns look fab! wonder how easy it is for a non-knitter? galactic picks!


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