The skirt I made – it only took 6 months haha!

I’ve been putting off doing this for fear of much pointing and laughing (I hate that i have to model it but it just doesn’t look right laid out flat and it was made to fit me). The skirt i have been making at college was finished a little while ago and needs to be handed it for marking tomorrow, so I had my boyfriend take some pictures of me wearing it tonight – and here it is!

I’ve been wearing it for work and stuff and it feels really comfortable and pretty! I’m quite proud of it, i did my own design, created the patterned and learnt many a sewing technique in doing it. It took 6 months (or thereabouts) of going to college once a week where i would work on it, but I’m so happy with it and so confident I could do it all again that I’ve bought the fabric to make a couple more!

I think it would be nice teamed up with a crisp cute white shirt, but i haven’t learned how to make them yet – soon though!

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  1. Congrats it looks great.

  2. Looks great! Congratulations on making it!

  3. yAY for the ace skirt! Do you prefer artfire or etsy? My shop has been closed for ages but I want to open it again but not sure where.Ooh and by the way the link for my blog on your sidebar is outdated, here is the new link:'ve linked you too;)Oh oh and another question, do people click the adds on your blog? I've been debating with myself for ages if I should add them to my own or not.

  4. Hey Eva – MUCH prefer Etsy, much easier to navigate and use, plus actually had sales on etsy, and get lots more views. No sales on Artfire and far less views. Folksy is REALLY good though, can't recommend that enough! An untapped resource – hint from within! Ads on blog don't get clicked so much, probably not worth bothering with TBH but don't do any harm being thwre i guess?!Thanks for the linky on your blog i shall update yours!

  5. When I added the link to your blog, I noticed I wasn't even a follower? This explains why I haven't got any of your blog updates, I just thought you never blogged 😛 I'll have to check out Folksy then, it sounds good, + I like that it's based in Europe, as it's better for things not to travel too far.


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