Folksy Friday – City Slicker

I went to EcoBuild in London on a work trip yesterday, i didn’t get to see any of London apart from the tube and Earl’s Court exhibition centre though! As always, people were uber rude on the subway but rather jolly in the exhibition itself. It made such an obvious change as soon as i got back up North and when i went to get on my last train home the guy in front said 
“after you madam”, 
“haha!” I replied “I can tell I’m not in London anymore!”
It’s not that i hate London, as i couldn’t hate somewhere with so many great things on offer, but i think if i was to go on a trip i might avoid the underground. Why is everybody in so much of a rush?! Why not just leave 5 minutes earlier and not shove into that lady with a pram and toddler in tow?!

Anyway, rant over, i decided to do a city themed Folksy Friday to re-kindle my love of big cities…the architecture, the design, the museums, culture, bars, bright lights and landmarks. I just wish the people would slow down enough to take some of it in.

Click on the pictures to be taken to the relevant shop. Take your time, and enjoy!

This picture depicts how i would love to spend time in a city – completely on my own to take in the beauty of some of the old buildings! Available from Janice Jong, i really enjoy browsing through her shop and seeing the other illustrations she has done, they’re really interesting with a playful feel about them.

 This pillowcase from Helena Carrington has a beautful use of colour, inspired by some of the great architecture that can be found in Paris. Helenas great eye for colour is also apparent in the other items in her shop.
This tube map bag may have come in handy for me on my travels yesterday! Its a very cute well made looking bag from Mrs Gibson’s Atelier, where you can also find a pillowcase in the same design! 
This “From London with Love” acrylic necklace caught my eye because of it’s well designed and easily recognisable skyline. There aren’t many items in Mockinghorse‘s shop yet, but it’ certainly one to look out for and you could be their first buyer – go ahead, make their day!

 This ten days in Tokyo zine reminds me of a project brief we had when i was doing my graphic design degree. It’a lovely idea documenting the sellers trip to Tokyo, full of stories of adventure and I’m sure many a helpful note for those wishing to travel to Tokyo. Asking for Trouble has a shop full of well designed items i would be proud to have!
And finally, I’m not one for charm necklaces but the excellent photography and simplcity of this one drew me in, so i had to include it on my blog. Just goes to show what having good photos in your shop can do! Gossimar Wings does have a range of jewellery i would love to be seen wearing, really special!
So that’s it for my Folksy Friday this week, please come back next week to see more fabulous sellers on Folksy and show your support for the hand made community.
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  1. Those are great finds. Love your theme!


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