Folksy Friday Picks of the Week – Buy Hand Made – Don’t Follow the Crowd!

I have to say I’m not a fan of valentines day, nor is my partner, we just don’t buy into the corporate created day – it’s much more fun and exciting to just buy each other gifts on a whim throughout the year than buy the predictable roses and chocolates the shops are stuffed with at this time of year.

So with that said, it wouldn’t be right for me to do a valentines themed folksy friday. To me, it seems especially fitting to be doing a handmade picks blog in support for those people out there who are against the big corporate sweat shops and factories getting all the business. I love supporting hand made.

My folksy picks this week have a much deeper meaning than the others i have done so far – they are a beacon shouting out that hand made can be so much better than anything you buy on the highstreet! They have a general theme of self indulgence though – things you can buy, as a treat, for yourself, to support the handmade community and maybe yourself through this mushy weekend. And they will all stand out, so when people ask you were you got them from, chances are, they won’t be getting them too :p

I can never have enough earrings, it’s a slight obsession, but until the day i have a pair for every single outfit, the search will continue. I spotted these a little while back and loved them, they’re definitely different to anything I’ve seen about in the shops and will get people looking closely!

The beauty of buying handmade clothes is that you will avoid the horror situation of turning up to the party in the same dress as another. Shopping at Primark certainly won’t get you that piece of mind! I loved this vintage print dress by Dig for Victory.

People spend a fortune on lotions and potions in the shops, but these handmade soaps look good enough to eat so I’d try on of them!

And finally, in a “stuff you don’t need but still really want” category of it’s own, these cute little ninjas would look great on my desk….and yours too!

Clearly i was also having a very bright sunny yellow day as there seems to be a visual theme running through these items also!

Come back next week where I will have more Folksy Friday picks – not sure of the theme yet, quite a few to choose from though! Robots? 1950‘s? Rainbow? Fluffy and cute? Who knows!

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  1. loving the ninjas ;oD

  2. Lovely yellow theme, just right for lifting February spirits šŸ™‚

  3. Hi,I've given you the Sunshine blog award. Visit my blog for the details! x


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