That wasn’t the way the weekend was supposed to go…

I’m going to stop planning things because lately anything that i “plan” is going anyway except to the plan. The weekend plan was:

  • If raining, stay in and make things.
  • If not raining, go out somewhere nice and harvest some inspiration for future projects.

Neither happened. The weather cannot decide what it wants to do for a start, which makes my not raining vs raining plan a tad difficult.

Then, on Saturday, my dad was taken into hospital with chronic stomach pains. Now considering my dad at age 27 lost his leg, this guy has a pretty high pain threshold. These pains must have been pretty bad for him to ring an ambulance. And over 24 hours later he sits in a hospital bed, having undergone every test available to him, and we aint got a clue what its all about. Odd! But hes requesting coffee and munchies so i guess whatever it is, hes over the worst. Hopefully.

Sooooo, I’ve not been very productive with this weekend and now its 21:45 on a Sunday evening, work in the morning and a busy week to come! I have had an idea though, I’m thinking of doing some things on a “back to school” theme. Started jotting a few ideas for that down…..wondering whether there are labeling rules or anything i need to adhere to if the things I’m making are aimed at kids, must look into that. Thought it would be a good idea as I’ve got over a month before school back in!

I did start one thing, a little monster plushie holding a pencil, it was red and cute and great, until I tried to stuff it and put a hole through it with the sharp end of the thing i was using to stuff it with. Eep!

Going to go have a cup of tea and chill out before another week of work now, doesn’t it feel rubbish when you feel like you’ve done nothing productive with your time off work? I should go by my own advice of expect the worst, hope for the best. Never disappointed that way!

Sods law hey! Oh, and my dad was looking a lot better today 🙂 more tests for him tomorrow 😦

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