My first blog!

I’ve finally decided to make a blog, I’m not sure how it will go, whether in a weeks time i will have forgotten all about it, or whether anybody will be in the slightest bit interested, nevertheless, it’s a venture i wish to explore on this rainy evening in Liverpool.

I guess i should introduce myself? I’m a 25 year old female graphic designer from Liverpool (UK). At the moment i am getting into all kinds of different things and loving it. In September i am starting a part time evening fashion and textiles course and hope to make my own clothing. I often have an idea for a piece of clothing, in my head, and try as i might to get something in the shops that comes close, i always fail. So i guess ill find out soon enough if I’m any good on a sewing machine!

At the moment i am keeping myself busy with crochet, sock creature creations (any odd sock donations welcome!), plushie making, wool dread lock making, website design (outside of work), photography (amateur!), blogging (new!), doodling and sketching, screen printing and generally mucking about, and spending quality time with my beautiful boyfriend (not quite sure how i landed that one!).

Here’s an image of some of the things i have been making and trying to sell on my shop on etsy

Just lately been to the Pyrenees camping for a few days, loved it, it’s beautiful, if you get the chance – go! Feeling inspired by my trip there but can’t quite settle down to actually making anything – to much going on in my head, need to simplify and focus!

Well, i think that’s enough for now – i have a habit of rabbiting on, plenty more where that came from! What will i do with this rainy weekend?…..

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. I've made lots of friends all over the world the past few years, hope your experience is as good.

  2. You now have another person reading your blog and responding. Welcome to the blogosphere. We have a great time posting and reading what the rest of the world is doing.CRSistersCheck us out at

  3. Welcome to blogging – you are off to a great start.


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